It’s becoming more and more common for people to want to create an outdoor living space.  Backyards are more than just a spot to let out the dog.  Outdoor spaces are becoming a place to extend your indoor living space.  If you are looking to create a beautiful, outdoor retreat, you might want to consider a water feature.

Patio Pond

Water features are a functional and eye-pleasing consisting of several different elements working harmoniously together.  Adding water to your landscape is a great way to add a unique aesthetic. Including a water feature in your landscaping provides some unexpected benefits.

You work long hours, and it’s not often possible to get away from it all and enjoy nature’s soothing sounds. Bring nature to you! With a custom design for your and your backyard, the soothing sounds of nature can be just outside your doorstep.   Imagine coming home, maybe getting the kids put in bed, pouring a glass of wine, and heading to your patio or deck to sit and relax to the comforting sounds of trickling water.

An interesting benefit of a water feature is enhancing your local ecosystem.  Birds will come to visit,  dragonflies will be buzzing around, all helping increase nature in your very own back yard.  Water features can be fit into any back yard.  Small back yards or large, there is a size for your space.

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Simple wall fountains, huge cascading waterfalls, and other pond-less water features are great choices if you don’t want to deal with much maintenance.  Essentially the water re-circulates, meaning less water used and little bacteria.

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