Garden State Irrigation and Lighting is ready for the sprinkler winterization in Bergen county and its surrounding areas.  For over 25 years, Garden State Irrigation and Lighting has been providing quality service to landscapes all over Bergen County and other Northern NJ areas.  Sprinkler systems are an investment that many homeowners make to protect their landscapes.  Part of maintaining an irrigation system is making that in the colder winter months you make an appointment with a professional company to have your system blown out for the winter.  A winter shut down of the sprinkler system means having a technician come to your home, turn off the water to the irrigation system, and hook a compressor up to the irrigation system and blow water out of each line and each head.  Water left in any part of the system can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system in the spring.  Water expands when a deep freeze has set in.  That expansion is what can cause minor and even major damage to your irrigation system.  The backflow prevention device (or backflow) keeps the contamination that comes with animal fecal matter, fertilize, and other contaminants from getting back into your home’s water.  The backflow is also an expensive part to have to have replaced.  By simply calling a reputable irrigation company you are further protecting your investment in your landscape and your home.  Since most of the irrigation system is underground, so much of the possible damage from the cold winter months may go unnoticed after the spring turn on.  But what this means is that some of your landscape may begin to suffer.  A break in line may mean poor water pressure, which means areas of your landscape may not be reached.  Zones may not pop up and trees and shrubs will not be watered. SO now not only will you have plantings to replace but the damage to your sprinkler system as well.  Making the call to schedule a winter shut down is important to saving money down the road and maintaining your sprinkler system well.

Located in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Garden State serves residential and commercial clients, providing first-class design, installation and customer service. As experts in lawn irrigation, lighting, masonry and drainage, we offer our clients a wide variety of services to cater to their individual needs.