Seems like the summer came and went quick and not fall is upon us. Which means you should begin thinking about scheduling your appointment for a sprinkler system winterization. Sprinkler winter service should be part of the routine care that you have done on your system. There are several important benefits to having a trained and experienced company winterize your commercial or residential sprinkler irrigation systems, with the main benefit being financial savings. Irrigation systems are important investments and help maintain your property’s health and beauty throughout the year, so protecting this investment is worth the price of winterization. Any water left in irrigation system pipes, valves and other components can expand during a hard freeze and crack or damage the system, leading to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in replacement and repairs. Also, many people mistakenly believe that Houston does not get cold enough to impact their irrigation systems, when in fact the irrigation pipes are buried just below ground and are easily impacted by a good freeze.

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Sometimes it is easy to forget about your sprinkler system. Many people believe that since the irrigation system is underground it is safe from the cold and damage. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Water left in the main lines or even the sprinkler heads can be problematic in the spring. By having a trained technician use a compressor with specific pressure to ensure that no water is left. The freezing water left behind can expand once it freezes. This expansion is what causes the breakage and possible repairs needed come the spring.

Protecting an irrigation system from the protects the beauty and health of your property. Repairing or replacing an irrigation system can wreak havoc on a beautiful and well-maintained lawn since replacing components such as mainlines, manifolds and valves require many sections of turf to be dug up. Also, many property owners do not realize they have had irrigation system damage from a hard freeze until well into the spring, when lawns, trees and landscape gardens need a great deal of water. Any delay in getting an irrigation system repaired or replaced can lead to tree damage or unhealthy lawn, which can increase overall landscape costs and decreased curb appeal.