For over 25 years Garden State Irrigation and Lighting we are getting ready for sprinkler system shut downs in Bergen County.  There are many parts in your sprinkler system that water gets into and come the cooler months can cause damage.  The damage can be minor, maybe just a head cracked.  But it can be as major as needing entire lines repaired or replacing a backflow.  And it can be costly.  Backflows being one of the more costlier items.  The backflow helps to keep the outside contaminants such as chemicals and fecal matter from re-entering your sprinkler system.  Just as with any other major appliance or piece of machinery such as a car, proper and routine care is imperative for keeping your system running well.  Having your sprinkler system shut down before the winter freeze sets in is crucial.  Any water left in the system will expand when the temperatures begin to dip.  By having your sprinkler system properly blown helps protect your investment.  There are so many moving parts to an irrigation system that not having the sprinklers shut down properly leaves a lot to go wrong during the winter months.  When the ground freezes, even a little bit of water left in your irrigation system can cause all kinds of damage, including bursting pipes and damaged backflow assemblies. This can result in costly repairs — not to mention a flooded lawn — come spring. Properly winterizing your valuable commercial irrigation system helps protect your investment and keep it running smoothly, saving you water and money in the long run.  Every year before the first freeze, blowing out your sprinkler system should be a priority for any and all irrigation systems that are located in a region, Colorado specifically, where the frost levels can extend below the depth of the installed piping. During long freezing weather, the frost can move deeper into the soil. How deep it goes generally depends on how cold it is and how long it says that temperature. After the temperature begins to rise, the soil will gradually thin out.  For those unfamiliar with winterizing irrigation systems, it is proactively preparing and protecting vulnerable irrigation components from damage caused by frozen water left in your irrigation system pipes. As irrigation system winterization can be a time-consuming and delicate process, it is a project best left to irrigation maintenance professionals.  Our trained technicians come prepared to ensure every line gets all the water out.

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