A backflow device is found between your home’s main water supply connection and your sprinkler system to prevent any backwards water flow. Without one, or if one is broken, could mean that outside debris from your lawn or garden, can get back into your home’s drinking water.

Over time with years of use the backflow may break or malfunction. Even with proper care and maintenance, just as with any other mechanical part, it will wear out and need replacement. Hiring an irrigation professional who has the expertise and knowledge to successfully complete this repair is important. Keeping an irrigation system running requires routine maintenance throughout the season.

A slow and consistent drip or leak from the backflow could mean that debris is backing up. An experienced technician will need to come out and take apart the relief valve and clean the valve seat. This can often be a recurring problem at your property for a slow leak from the backflow. Those constant visits can add up and become costly. At that point, it would be recommended that a filter is installed to prevent this from happening. A filter will help keep debris from getting into the backflow as often and stop the backflow from clogging.


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