With the summer time right around the corner, you may be noticing some changes you want to make with your backyard. As lawn care specialists, we know that having a lush green lawn and a rich garden can make a great conversation starter for those backyard barbeques. With being in the business for over 25 years, we can guarantee high quality sprinkler installation services to give you a high-quality landscape you can’t wait to show off.

At Garden State Irrigation and Lighting, we first give clients an estimate on design and installation requirements that will be specific to our customer so we know exactly how to fulfill your wishes. With our licensed and trained staff, each system will be installed in a timely and professionally executed manner.

 Benefits of a Sprinkler Installation

  • Money Saver: Watering systems can actually save you money rather than using excessive amounts of water from a hose or any other form of watering. An irrigation system puts the sprinkler-system1exact amount of water in the exact same spot every time it is needed.
  • Water Saver: You can’t get those types of results when using a hose or portable sprinklers since there is no way to gage how much water you are using, which causes overwatering. Sprinkler Installation will evenly water your lawn making it look vibrantly green and healthy.
  • Time Saver: Irrigation systems work automatically and can work on a timer so you don’t have to stress and can focus on other things you love doing!


Our smart controller, which is one of the products we can offer to you, can also help you keep track of water usage. With the Hunter Hydrawise, you can save time by having us check your systems virtually so we can monitor your system between on- site visits.