Garden State Irrigation and Lighting provides sprinkler system blow outs to homes in Bergen County and surrounding areas. Proper care and maintenance of an irrigation system is crucial to your sprinkler system. Having your sprinkler system blown out by a professional irrigation company is key in protecting your investment. Every exterior lawn sprinkler system needs to be winterized at the end of the season. The process will help to assure that the coming winter and freezing temperatures do not damage your sprinkler system’s components and piping. This service needs to be performed by not only a trained irrigation technician but it requires the correct use of specialized equipment. All of service technicians in our company are trained in the proper techniques and procedures to follow when to winterize an underground lawn sprinkler or drip irrigation system. The equipment we used is heavy duty and of high quality ensuring your irrigation system is blown out safely and effectively. This process helps to ensure that all residual water in all of the systems’ main lines, manifold, backflow, and valves is completely blown out. Having your sprinkler system properly blown out keeps water from remaining in the lines over the winter stopping possible freeze damage from occurring. Winter seasons in NJ are unpredictable, and they can wreak havoc on any of your outdoor landscaping that are not protected. It is obvious to protect living elements such as trees and shrubs. However, also consider the importance of winterizing irrigation systems in the fall. Although it might not seem like an integral part of your fall landscaping maintenance plans, there are many benefits from taking this crucial step in lawn and landscape care this fall. Unless you have mums or other fall plantings, there is no harm whatsoever in having your irrigation system blown out in early October. A winter blow out is an effective way to protect the investment a homeowner makes in their landscape. A broken system in the spring from not having a sprinkler system blown out done in the winter can mean costly repairs and even lost plants or trees. Main line leaks can cause major flooding when your system is turned back on in the spring. Flooding to your landscape can mean your lawn is ruined and plants may die. Take the time and care to make an appointment with a professional company to have your irrigation system blown out properly.

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