There’s more to just turning on your water and checking the timer when it comes to getting your irrigation system going after the cold winter. A sprinkler turn on checklist is a great way to know what to look for once the winter is gone and it’s time for the sprinkler system to be turned back on for the season. Keep reading for great tips and an informative link from Hunter Industries, a leading supplier in irrigation systems and who we at Garden State Irrigation and Lighting use on all our jobs.

The freezing temps over the winter can cause damage within the sprinkler system that you may not see right away. A main line leak wouldn’t be something you would notice right away. Little by little over time water would begin to reach the surface and pool on your lawn. This can create muddy, swampy areas to your landscape that cause issues such as bugs and lawn mowers sinking and causing damage to the turf.

Having a professional perform the Spring turn on of the sprinkler system ensures that a trained eye will take note of each area and every single zone to check for issues. Some repairs like a broken head would need to be replaced right away. A broken sprinkler head will gush water causing areas to be too wet and be a tremendous waste of water. Other things to look for are heads that may need to be adjusted or moved. When the system was shut down months ago your plants and landscape were at a different stage and needed to be positioned differently or required a different nozzle. In the Spring when plants are new and young, they will require different attention. Service technicians will make sure that each head is set up for the current plants and needs of your property.

If you are interested in reading more tips on what took look for in the Spring, take a look at this link for pro tips from Hunter Industries.