When you think of Spring, landscape lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But after a long and messy winter like we have had your landscape lights may need a tune-up. During the winter plows, shoveling, and the amount of snow that dumped on most of Northern NJ means your lighting fixtures got buried and possibly damaged. It could also mean that after a long Spring you are looking forward to spending more time outdoors! And if that’s the case adding outdoor lighting means you can extend your time out there.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about landscape lighting:

Do you currently have landscape lighting?

  • Yes? Is it LED? Most earlier landscape lighting systems were installed using halogen bulbs. Since then advancements in the lighting industry have led to smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient lighting options. Halogen lights burn hotter than an LED bulb. A common danger is after mulch is put down, if the lights are covered they can catch fire from getting too hot. An LED bulb does not get nearly as hot as a halogen but and is much safer. Once one bulb goes out it puts a strain on the other bulbs on the line which can cause more bulbs to go out. LED bulbs can cost more from the start but since they don’t use as much energy you will see the savings over time.

Are you looking to put in a whole new lighting system?

  • Yes? It would be worth the time to call in a professional to discuss your options and see what will be the best options for your home. While there are a ton of options and blogs on do it yourself lighting systems unless you are in the lighting industry it’s better to have a professional company come in and see what needs to be done and have it completed safely.

What areas or objects are you looking to light?

  • Deciding what you want to highlight or add light to is an important decision to make in your landscape lighting design. There are many different kinds of lights that best suit certain areas. String lights are great for a patio area but not so much if your goal is security lighting. Bullets are a great option to light up a landscape design or tree such as a red maple. With so many options contacting a professional can save you time.

What kinds of lighting will you need?

  • Well lights, path lights, string lights, deck lights, bistro lights….. oh my! Depending on what you are looking to highlight you will want a specific light. Each light gives off a different amount and kind of light.