Summer is quickly approaching and our landscapes will begin to need more attention. Higher temperatures and longer sun can make the grasses dry and plantings begin to wilt. Installing a smart sprinkler system can help you maintain your landscape all season long. And with the innovations in the industry, sprinkler systems are becoming more and more “green” and smart. New smart timers can be controlled remotely from any place and any time. Keeping a closer eye on the system cuts down on over watering helping you save on your water bill.

New timers can retrofit into existing systems. The smart timers offer benefits:

  • Real time monitoring of your zones watering
  • Add extra time to specific zones from anywhere
  • Adjust watering schedule based on water restrictions
  • Shut off zones as you need
  • Cut down on service calls and having to be at your home to give technicians access

Take it a step further by adding a flow sensor. With the flow sensor you can see the amount of water being used by your irrigation system each time it runs. By signing onto the app you can see the water usage charted out for you. If there is a leak or a potential issue, the app will alert us and potentially save you money by catching an the problem early.

Rain sensors are a smart way to also make your sprinkler system run more efficiently. The sensor can measure the rainfall and tell the sprinkler system whether it needs to run or not. If enough water has fallen over time it will know to not let the system run. Once a certain amount of rainfall has accumulated, the sensor will shut the electrical current system to the causinto not run until it dries up.

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Another great addition to a smart sprinkler system is adding drip zones. Areas such as arborvitaes, green giants, certain bushes, and other plants can be watered with drip irrigation. Lines installed underneath the ground delivering water right to the roots. These systems are estimated to be boost your systems efficiency by 90%. It’s a smart, easy, and inexpensive way to bring the right amount of water to specific areas.

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