Technology is everywhere, and now it’s hitting your irrigation and lighting systems.  With the new controllers, you can control the programming from anywhere! Smart phone, tablet, iPad, and your computer.  This smart sprinkler controller maintains the watering schedule for you. Automatically adjusting for changes in weather and seasons while using as little water as possible to get the water bill down. It can actually watch the weather for you and make necessary changes to the program for you and alert you to these changes.  Rachio

This technology is not just for your irrigation system.  The convenience of controlling your system remotely is also available for your lighting system.  Going on vacation?  How about added security?  You can turn the lights on and off from your fingertips, even if you are not home.   It uses astronomical timing – adjusting automatically to dusk and dawn based on your location and seasonal changes.  Another benefit? No worries if there is a power outage- it keeps your programming so there’s no need to have to reprogram!  If you have multiple lighting systems you can also manage them all on one app.  Even if you have an existing system it can be used with it.  Capable to control not only your lighting but ponds and water features as well.

light logic image