Introducing the newest and smartest controller for your irrigation system:

  • Know if and where there is a leak
  • Daily monitoring to alert us if there is a problem before it becomes a bigger problem
  • Be worry free on vacations knowing your system is being monitored all the time
  • Smart controller connects to local weather stations and adjusts accordingly
  • No need to be home for service visits
  • Monitor your water usage which can lead to potential savings
  • Change watering times and schedule to accommodate new plantings, water restrictions, plant growth, etc.
  • Keep an eye on your property in between maintenance plan visits 
  • All this for $1 a day*

Call today for your estimate or more information on this incredible smart controller!

Financing is available for the controller

*Monitoring will require a fee that can be paid in full (for a 10% discount) or monthly

**Credit card on file will be required for the month to month monitoring and to finance the controller

***Can cancel at any time – no cancellation fee

****Finance charge will be applied for failure to pay on time at a rate of 18%

*****Upon acceptance, contract will be drawn up and signed

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