Rest Assured We Use Only the Finest Products

Because our products are instrumental to every landscape the company transforms, Garden State Irrigation uses only the best products for a job that will last.

The company carries landscaping products by Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of irrigation tools and technologies. GS offers a full line of Hunter sprinklers, including the Hunter flagship PGP rotor, the PGM rotor and rotors with varying ranges that cover everything, from small gardens and shrubberies to larger lawns. For commercial landscaping, sports fields or golf courses, high-end professional rotors and Golf Heads are offered to cover every inch of commercial property. With Hunter’s automatic valves and controllers, all of these products allow for an automatic and proficient irrigation system.

And for those who enjoy all the new gadgets, we also offer smart controllers. With the Hunter Hydrawise, you can have peace of mind that your system is being monitored around the clock. By adding the Flow Sensor you can also keep track of the water usage of your sprinkler system. We can manage each zone individually without even being at your property. Alerts let us know if there is a leak and where it is, saving us time and you money. When the weather begins to get hot and towns begin to issue water restrictions, all it takes it a call to the office to adjust your watering times. Turn off certain zones and leave others on remotely.

Lighting fixtures are expertly crafted from industry-standard aluminum, solid brass and solid copper, and are available with various customized finishes. Only state-of-the-art transformers are used. Types of lighting include:

  • Accent lights
  • Area lights,
  • Moon lights,
  • Path lights
  • Submersible lights

All lighting products are available with a simple switch or photocell timer. Integration into your existing home or pool controls is also available

Plumbing is all copper, pipes are virgin polyethylene tubing rated at 110 psi and shut-off valves are all brass to ensure top-quality performance. Valve boxes are included, and PVB vacuum breakers are provided to protect you and your family. Additionally, all systems include rain sensors to conserve water.

There are many advantages of adding outdoor speakers to your home. With TruAudio outdoor speakers, there’s no need to lug around a boombox and trip over cords when trying to play music outside. These speakers are sturdy and meant to blend in with the landscape rather than be an eyesore. And they are so convenient! Use your smartphone or tablet to control the music from your fingertips with the app. The outstanding quality provides a crisp and clear sound meant to fill your outdoor space with your favorite music, not overwhelm it.

Everyone loves how beautiful and magical holiday lighting can be. It’s what we look forward to every year. But we all know it can be a long process and not to mention dangerous. Our service technicians take the hard work out of holiday decorating for you. We provide a custom plan for your home, put up the lights, maintain them, take them down, and even store them if needed. This way, there’s more time for you to spend with your family or doing other things with your time. There are plenty of lighting choices from LED, to colored, to warm lights, blinking, you name it, we can get it. We take the time to give you the holiday lighting you want.