When it comes to Garden State Irrigation’s products, we do our research and use only the best. We make sure that each product used is backed not only by our own warranty, but a solid manufacturer’s warranty, Our sprinkler system parts are by Hunter Industries. With a long history in the landscape and irrigation business, these products are long lasting and durable. Our lighting products are also back with a great warranty and to fit each landscape and budget. Unique Lighting offers a variety of lights, fixtures, and finishes. We stay up to date on all products and test each before using it on a job. There’s is also the TruAudio speakers that we use for our outdoor speaker systems. We design and build each of our lighting, irrigation, and other projects with our customers’ needs first, which means we can only use quality products backed by great warranties.


Plumbing is all copper, pipes are virgin polyethylene tubing rated at 110 psi and shut-off valves are all brass to ensure top-quality performance. Valve boxes are included, and PVB vacuum breakers are provided to protect you and your family.


Add your favorite music to your next outdoor gathering with quality outdoor speakers. These speakers are made to last outside during all weather conditions. They are built to withstand the sun beating down on them, rain, snow, and colder temperatures. The design is meant to blend in with the outdoor elements rather than stand out. With their Bluetooth capability, you can also control the music from your phone instead of having to get up to change the song or adjust the volume.


Lighting fixtures are expertly crafted from industry-standard aluminum, solid brass and solid copper, and are available with various customized finishes. Only state-of-the-art transformers are used.