It can be overwhelming to decide what to do to create a more inviting outdoor space.  There is an incredible amount home improvement contractors out there ready to help.  And yes, we are one of them.  Let us help you design exactly what you need.  Even if you are looking to update an existing patio or install one brand new, our design team can help.

Outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes can be fitted to what you need.  From creating an extravagant party space to just a quaint, relaxing nook to sit back and enjoy at the end of a long day.  Hardscapes add a great aesthetic.  They are a perfect project to create a retaining garden or wall, steps to help bring you to different levels on a multi leveled back yard, or even an area to sit around the custom built fire pit.

And there are many things to consider when doing a hardscape. While it’s important to have a level patio, you need to make sure it does slope away from your home’s foundation and toward an area that can either handle additional moisture or is an existing drainage area. Plan for a quarter inch drop in elevation for every two feet of distance.

Help minimize the effect of movement of your pavers.  Plan for a good solid edge by using additional pavers, a solid cement lip, or metal or vinyl edging. This will help creeping weeds as well as keeping the pavers in their place.


And you never know when your paver style is discontinued.  It’s smart to make sure that are left with some extra in case you need replacements for any reason. Broken pavers can be removed by prying them out with a couple of screwdrivers or a thin pry bar. If the paver needs to be cut to fit, be sure to cut it slightly smaller than the length of the opening to allow for sand to be repacked around it.  A proper cut is key especially when trying to achieve a certain design with the pavers.


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