Outdoor speakers are nothing new.  Every speaker place sells their speakers and tells you how great they are.  At Garden State Irrigation we have spent months finding the best speakers out there and investing the time to try them out.  We have perfected bringing your favorite tunes to the outdoors seamlessly and beautifully.  Using TruAudio speakers, they are meant to blend in with the outdoors and not stand out.  By using your smartphone or mobile device, you can stream the music from the palm of your hands.  No need to get up and down tot change the music or adjust the volume.  These outdoor speakers give you the time to enjoy your next party or BBQ without messing around with speakers and music all night. With the Spring here and Summer around the corner, it’s a great time to invest in these TruAudio outdoor speakers.  These aren’t your ordinary speakers either.  We are talking sturdy, weatherproof, and meticulously made speakers that provide a full sound meant to be heard not overwhelm.  We’ve done the research and tried them ourselves which is why we are ready to bring them to all our customers.   Our technicians have been trained and will provide our extraordinary service and installation with these speakers.  By a one on one estimate, we will give you an estimate for the custom speaker package that is best suited for your home and landscape.  By walking around your property and talking to you directly allow us to better assess what you would need.  Our service doesn’t stop there, we are here to assist you throughout the process to answer any and all of your questions. And if you are not sure if you are ready to make the full commitment with these outdoor speakers and may be the slightest bit curious, give us a call to hear about trying them out for yourself! Check out this informative video from TruAudio.

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