Outdoor speakers are perfect for any backyard party, but do the speakers you use blend into your yard? At Garden State Irrigation and Lighting, we have partnered with TruAudio to install the SubTerrain Outdoor Speakers that are put underground. The only thing you see is the mushroomed top sound system that easily complements and mixes into your yard. Using the sound system could not be easier as everything can be accessed through your phone or tablet just by downloading the app. We recommend setting up more than one speaker so you can get the full effect of surround sound. The sound quality is crisp and clear promising that it will fill your outdoor space fully.

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The SubTerrain Speakers come in three different sizes which makes them great for any size backyard. They’re completely durable through all types of weather so there is no need to worry about replacing them either and they guarantee you having the best sound. TruAudio outdoor speakers are designed to cut through gusts of wind, background noises, rain and they eliminates any echo that usually happens with regular portable speakers. Give us a call today if you’re ready to have the best sound system on your block!