There is no denying the growing popularity of extending your living space with outdoor spaces and including an outdoor speaker system is a great idea. An outdoor speaker system allows you to listen to your favorite music from your backyard or other outdoor space. We use TruAudio outdoor speaker systems that are made to last and to blend in with the outdoors. There are so many products on the market for outdoor speakers but TruAudio has proven to provide a clean sound without being overwhelming. There’s no need to worry about your music bothering the neighbors with these high-quality speakers. The sound is so clear you don’t need to blast it in order to hear it. With our experience, we provide a comprehensive layout of the speakers so that there is never a need to not hear the music. Speakers have come a long way since sounding like the music was coming from a loudspeaker. Today’s speakers provide a wide range of sound and top quality audio.

We have done our research to know that the placement of the speakers is key to an outdoor speaker system. And when using quality speakers you shouldn’t need to have the speakers taking over your space. TruAudio has designed a speaker that is meant to be hard and NOT seen. Quality craftsmanship makes these speakers hands down the best. Their design alone sets them apart from the rest. No one wants to have speakers hanging off their house or tripping over the cords. These speakers are made to blend in with their surroundings and are weather resistant. Rain or shine TruAudio speakers are built to withstand the outdoor elements.







Just think that at your next get together you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing a radio or one little Bluetooth speaker outside. By adding Sonos to the TruAudio outdoor speaker system the music is controlled by your smart device. Take your favorite playlist with you after a long day at work outside as you relax. All you need is your smart device and you have your favorite tunes at your fingertips. Here’s a great video by TruAudio showing the great speakers:

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