Ever taken a stroll around your yard and noticed areas with too much water? Are some spots are soggy and drenched? This could be the effects of a waterlogged lawn. This can make your lawn become really messy and muddy- not good. Here are some of the things that may be creating the swamp like effect on your lawn:

  • Inefficient drainage: Your gutters could be to blame. They may not be the proper drainage system for your home causing too much water to gather in spots. Without a proper gutter system your lawn can become saturated by all the run off coming from a misdirected gutter. It’s important to keep the gutters clear of debris to ensure it is functioning properly and not causing your lawn to look like a mess.
  • Too much watering: Watering twice a day is not necessary. Less is more sometimes when it comes to your sprinkler systems’ watering schedule. Deep watering just once or twice is week can be all you need. This is where having an automatic sprinkler system works best. Being able to monitor and control the watering of your system helps prevent over and under watering.
  • Compacted soil: If you aren’t guilty of number 1 or 2 the problem may lie with your soil composition. Most commonly you will find that clay based soils are less permeable. But all soil types can become impacted over time. To alleviate this you can limit foot traffic in those area or have your lawn aerated.
  • Broken/cracked valve: With an underground sprinkler system the valves and pipes are all buried. If one (or more) are cracked or broken, you may notice areas of your lawn pooling and having too much water collecting. With time the sprinkler technician can track out and repair the issue for you before it causes more damage to your lawn and plants.

So why is too much water bad for your lawn? Soil need air pockets in order to grow lush and stay healthy. The plants need their roots which live in the soil to be able to breathe. Soil and lawns that are over watered basically suffocate the plants. This causes the plants to rot and eventually die. If you might be experiencing areas with too much water, give us a call. Let us find out the problem and see what is the issue and fix it.