Who doesn’t like to save money?   I know I do.  If there is a way to save a buck, I’m all ears.  And we know that is also an important thing for our customers.  Which is why we are loving the new smart controllers on the market.  If you are looking for some savings this spring you will find it with the new smart controllers.  The Hunter HC Hydrawise is incredible.  With the new Flow sensor, we can now see in real time the water usage not only for the property but even in specific zones.  This not only saves money on your water bill, but also acts as a preventative measure enabling us to spot a potential costly problem such as a leak.  Proper water usage is also another way to be saving money.  By being able to better manage the water usage in specific zones and for specific plants, it will ensure that the plants are watered correctly.  Which means we are even better at protecting the investment in your landscape.  On a maintenance plan??? We can offer you an even better price with this smart controller for your irrigation.  Just check out this link to see for yourself why are excited to bring this product to our customers.