As lighting is in our name, we pride ourselves on having easy to maintain lights for your outdoor areas. Not only are LED lights more efficient, but they are also eco-friendly.


95% of the energy LED lightbulbs use are converted into light and 5% into heat. This is amazing in comparison to the average fluorescent light, which majority of the energy is converted into heat and only 5% is converted into light. With less energy required to make the same amount of light, it saves energy to light up your outdoor areas.


Other bulbs require more bulbs to light the same area that LEDS can. This is due to less light pollution and being able to control where the lighting hits. By using LED bulbs, you can save money and space on the number of lights you have.


LED lights do not contain any toxic chemicals. When the life of the LED bulb ends and it is disposed of, it will no longer contaminate the environment in landfill waste, and does not need to be arrange through a registered waste carrier. This not only saves cost and time, but the environment from these hazardous chemicals.


These lights last up to six times longer than other types of lights, reducing the need for more maintenance and replacements. This means you can worry less about your lighting needs and enjoy it for about 50,000 hours. You could run these lights for 24 hours a day for over 5 years!


You can enjoy your outdoor lighting even more because pests are not as drawn to LED lighting. Light insects are generally attracted to the heat that is given off by traditional lightbulbs, but as explained, LEDS give off a lot less heat. This means, these pests are more likely to leave you alone.

With LED lights, you will be able to better enjoy your outdoor area longer in a more manageable way. We look forward to hearing from you about your lighting needs.