You will find LED bulbs and lighting systems popping up everywhere nowadays. From making the switch of your interior bulbs to the exterior, there are many ways to save with using LED bulbs.

Starting with the cost, halogen are the cheaper way to go. LED is a more costly upgrade. BUT, halogen bulbs go out much quicker. Typically, an outdoor halogen bulb system will need to be replaced every 8-16 months. Over time, you are paying more to maintain your LED system. Once one halogen bulb goes out, it puts more pressure on the other bulbs causing them to go out prematurely.

Swapping them out is easy! LED bulbs can retrofit into the existing system you already have. And here is an interesting fact, changing out ONE old 35 watt halogen bulb with a 3 watt LED bulb will put out the same light and color. Less watts used means less energy needed which equals SAVINGS!!! These savings are why so many homeowners and contractors are making the switch to LED.

Halogen lights are also more dangerous. The heat that the halogen bulb gives off can cause too much heat to be given off. So imagine if you are having mulch put down and your landscapers are not paying attention. Covering a halogen light can cause it to catch fire. LED bulbs run more safely and cooler. LED bulbs are even cool to the touch.

LED lamps are also easier on the transformer. Back in the day, before LED, transformers were loaded up to 80%, leaving no room left for upgrades. Now, with LED, that is not the case. LED lighting systems require less wire (more SAVINGS!) and leaves room to add more in the future.

Our team can custom design, build, install, and maintain these systems. We will design the system to suit your home and needs.

To read more on the benefits on LED versus halogen lighting, visit this site to learn more.