So you’re walking around your property and stumble upon a leak in your sprinkler system. It’s not uncommon and can happen anywhere in your irrigation. And the problem is that there is not quick fix. It can be a long process. Especially in the difficult area of the valve box.

Sometimes in order to repair a break in the PVC, you may need to replace multiple valves. This can also happen when a valve malfunctions and needs to be replaced. A common problem of this happening is when the valves were plumbed too close together. Not leaving adequate spacing is a problem and leaving a minimum of 1′ spacing between manifold valves is suggested to ease the need of getting at the valves for future repairs. A big “no no” is the use of putty to stop the leak. And while it may work temporarily it is not good fix, just merely a “band aid” approach.

Getting things done the right way is the only way. Your sprinkler system helps protect your lawn and plantings. And as most things over time, repairs are needed and need to be fixed. The band aid approach is faulty and will end up being more costly in the future. This is the type of repair where a professional is needed. Cutting out the bad or broken PVC and redo with new PVC and fittings. Once repaired and glue is set, your system is back in business.

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