Proper lawn care takes more than just planting the seeds.  Located in Wyckoff, NJ, Garden State Irrigation and Lighting takes pride in assessing each property and fine-tuning it’s sprinkler system to ensure each and every spot of your landscape is cared for. Who doesn’t like to come home to a lush, green lawn?  Caring for your lawn and getting to know the watering needs based on plant type and the season is important.  Too much or too little water can wreak havoc on your lawn- and the investment you made in it.  Hire a professional to take a look and assess the needs of your property.

Located in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Garden State serves residential and commercial clients, providing first-class design, installation and customer service. As experts in lawn irrigation, lighting, masonry and drainage, we offer our clients a wide variety of services to cater to their individual needs.