Landscape lighting has many benefits. Most people judge landscape lighting as an “extra” for their home. Thinking of it as a luxury and not a necessity. Which can be true. But landscape lighting can look great AND be added security for your home. Ensure walkways and driveways are lit for safety when coming home at night. Just a few strategic pathlights can make quite an impact. Add lights near back, side and front doors so you can clearly see where you and your family are going. Illuminate sidewalks, driveways, and around your garage. A well lit back yard and property shows you care about your home. It’s a great deterrent for trespassers or burglars. Most wont approach a home where they will clearly be seen.

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Think about the added safety of a well lit property for neighbors and walkers. When your home is lit up there’s less chance for someone to trip and fall over something. When you are having company over, having entrance areas lit make them feel safe and secure when coming to your home at night.

And in the warmer months ,who isn’t spending more time outside. Extend the life of your parties or get togethers with back yard lighting around your gathering areas. Guests and your family will feel safe and have a sense of comfort spending time outdoors when it’s dark with outdoor lighting. More parties means you may be grilling up a storm. Bistro lights can add just enough light allow you to see more clearly. If your grill is near a fence. think of adding lights to the fence posts for more light. Large back yards can benefit from additional lighting so letting your pets out at night is safer.

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By using the new smart controllers you can also control your lights from your smartphone. If you go away for vacation and forget to turn the lights on, there’s no need to worry. Turn the lights on right from your phone.

There are so many ways to add comfort, safety, and aesthetic to your home with outdoor landscape lighting. Having a professionally installed system means that whatever your needs are in the lights are met. Read more on landscape lighting and the Light Logic timer here.