If you have ever looked at your home or commercial areas and wondered how to make your outdoor areas brighter, safer, and more enjoyable, than you are in the right place. Let us help you assess your lighting needs.



Spotlights are a generalized term, as it just means lighting that only shines in one direction. If you are interested in showing off your beautiful house, landscaping, sculptures and more, then you could be looking to add spotlights to your home.





Flood Lights2

If you are looking to brighten a larger area, you may want to consider flood lights. These lights add added security to your property, being able to see in a larger area. Some people look to put them in their driveways, other prefer to brighten outdoor seating areas in the back of their house.







Up lights and downlights are directed spotlights. These are particularly good in highlighting specific areas of your


property. If you are looking to highlight your large beautifully landscaped area, you may be interested in investing in some up lighting. Some people prefer downlighting, to provide lighting to a smaller landscaped area.






5Step Lights

Step lighting is exactly what its name implies: lighting for your steps. Now there is no need to worry about missing a step in the dark when you casually brighten the stairway from one area to the next with your new step lights.





Garden Lights

Garden lights are lights that are directed down and a little outward, so you can show off your beautiful flowers and garden areas without staring directly into the bulb itself. These allow you to6 admire your beautiful scenery late at night without having spotty vision.








7Bollard Lights

Whether you are looking to brighten a sitting area or to brighten a pathway, these are the only lights that will shine all around, and not in a single direction.




8String Lights

String lights, also known as Bistro lights, allow you to beautifully decorate an area by hanging these lights above. It gives lots of lights to areas you are looking to entertain guests in.








Moon Lighting

This lighting is placed extremely high up in the trees and gives a gentle glow down on to the area below. It mimics the look of moonlight, so you can enjoy a peaceful glow to your property, even on nights without the moon.


If you would like to go over the possibilities for your home or commercial buildings, please reach out to us to schedule a free estimate!