Why does my sprinkler run when it’s raining?

Sprinklers without rain sensors cannot tell when it rains and when it does not. If you do not have a rain sensor, you’ll want to monitor how much rain is coming down and adjust your timer as needed.

If you do have a rain sensor, then there may not have been enough rain for the sensor to turn off the sprinkler. Think of it like a bucket, when it fills up, the bucket will notify your timer to turn off until the bucket is low again, meaning your lawn is ready to be watered again.

Why does my street or driveway get wet?

Sprinkler heads can move over time due to normal wear and tear and during the freeze/thaw cycle. This can cause a problem when the heads are facing areas that have asphalt or concrete. Watering driveways and streets can cause damage, and waste money. If the head is damaged, replace it and adjust it right away.

Why do I have dry or brown spots in my yard?

Dry and brown spots may occur for many reasons. A sprinkler may not be working or may need to be adjusted. Sprinkler heads need to be adjusted from normal wear and tear so having a professional come check your irrigation system is important to properly water your plants and maintain your lawn.

Why do I have a soft or wet spot in my yard?

Soft and wet spots can be indicative of an issue in your irrigation system. This could be a leak or just as simple as adjusting the times. It is important to call a professional so we can find that issue and repair it and be able to adjust the necessary areas, so you don’t waste water or money.

How do I program my controller?

If you have a manual controller, you will want to consult the manufacturer’s manual or a professional. If you don’t have a physical copy of the manual, many are found online.

If you have a smart controller, there are many ways to program your timer. You can use the app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Some smart controllers are compatible with Amazon Alexa! And your irrigation professionals should also have access to adjust your controller as well.


Reach out to us with any other questions you may have!