Creating a Halloween lighting display is something kids young and old LOVE to see.  From creepy and eerie designs to a more innocent and rustic display, there is something they have in common- LIGHTS!

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Imagine creating your spooky decor and being able to change from green, to blue, to purple, to orange any time you want.  The best part?  You can do the controlling from your phone!  We offer the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC (Zoning Dimming Color) for your home.  This low voltage lighting system allows you to control different areas and sections.  Make one tree blue and another orange.  Create an area that shines bright or one that is more ominous and dark while still providing some light.

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And even when the holidays are done and over, you can set the lights white as a part of your landscape lighting.  Turn some areas on and some off.  Dim an area close to a bedroom at night.  Other areas can remain on and bright giving you added security at night or to extend your living space outside illuminating a deck or patio. Image result for halloween lighting