We have been anxiously awaiting the new smart controller from Hunter Industries.  This smart controller can be retrofit into your existing system with ease.  No matter the size of your system, this is great way to keep constant eyes on your property.  Even if you are on a maintenance plan with us, the constant monitoring of your sprinkler system ensures that your investment is protected. From unexpected storms to summer water restrictions, save time and money by just giving us a call and remotely adjusting your system accordingly.  Another concern of many people, whether contemplating an irrigation system or if you already have one, is the water usage. With the Flow Sensor your water is gauged per zone with real time water usage.  It also alerts us to leaks potentially preventing a larger problem.  The HC also allows us remote access during your visits.  Unless there is a need for us to access the plumbing, by using the HC controller, we no longer need access inside your home during service visits.  Using the app, we can make watering changes, turn on and off specific zones, and check for leaking valves or current water usage. This smart controller is a game changer in the industry.  Hunter Industries is bringing the latest in smart technology to the world of irrigation.  We have spent the winter months training, installing, and making sure that we are up to date on the use and management of this controller.  We know what an investment landscape and irrigation is to your home.  Which is exactly what the Hunter HC controller can protect.  Using it’s smart technology, it logs into local weather stations for the latest forecasts and adjusts watering times. And if there is a power outage or any other electrical issue, the HC will send an alert.  It can even let us know the location of the valve that is having an issue.  Check out more about this incredible new smart controller from this Hunter Industries article:

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