Fall calls for different gardens and plants for your home. Which means when those plants are put in they will need to be watered and may need adjustments. Over the season your system is adjusted for new plantings and for plant growth. By the time fall comes those same sprinkler heads may need to be changed.

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Your beautiful mums might not need the same watering schedule, nozzle, or amount of water that was needed in the Spring and Summer. Mums need saturation daily. They don’t call them “hardy” mums for nothing! Newly planted mums need frequent water to become established. If the soil is dry to the touch it’s time to water. You want to water them so that the root ball becomes moistened but not soggy.

If your mums are in containers they will need water every day 1-2 inches deep. Adding drip or micro mists to your pots is a great way to ensure that you plants get adequate water and negates the need for your to hand water every day. And no matter what you have planted the drip can be adjusted for all new plantings. And the drip is discreet as to not be an eyesore or take away from your plants.

Asters are another frost tolerant flower great for planting in the fall. They are a dainty, daisy like flower great for adding in a pot that is well drained. Which is why adding a micro mist line in your pots is a great idea. It takes the guess work out of figuring out how much water is needed. Slowly the water is delivered straight into the pot. Ornamental cabbages and kales have been designed to be colorful just like a flower for your fall garden. Great for the snowy winter months they can tolerate the colder temperatures while still providing color to your landscape. Over time their colors really begin to develop. Newly planted kale and cabbage may not have a lot of variety in their color. But over time they will develop more colors.

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