Now that Spring is in full swing I’d bet you are seeing plants and flowers sprouting up every single day.  And if you have a garden, you know how long it can take to get it watered.  Having drip irrigation installed at your home can be a game changer for you  and your landscape.  Plants need water at their roots to reach their full growth potential.  And to hand water takes time and energy that you may not have on a daily basis to give your plants what they need.  Not to mention hand watering can be inefficient and not very cost effective.  With a drip system you can water exactly how much your plants need as well as making sure the water gets to the roots.  We have seen great results in the incredible gardens that some of our customers have.  No one wants to spend their mornings or nights watering.  Here’s a great article on the benefits and reasons why you need drip irrigation for your garden.