Creating an outdoor space is a great way to let your indoor living area flow to the outdoors. Especially in the summer months and early fall many people want to add more living areas outside.  Decks are a great way to add outdoor space and value to your home.  But with the addition of outdoor lighting you can take it to a whole new level.  It adds security as well as the aesthetic and giving you a space to spend the warm summer nights in.

And there is a design that fits each home and space.  Keep it simple with a light on each corner post providing just enough light. Or add one to each post on the deck adding light and security while you are entertaining. You can install the lights at the top or the base of the post, depending on the look you are doing for.

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There are many different styles to choose from to create the right amount of light for your deck.  Add step lights to your deck for safety.  Step  lights provide a soft light that leaves you and your guests able to walk around safely at night.

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Adding deck lighting adds a subtle light that can add hours on to your next gathering.  Even the pathways to your deck can be accented with a path light.  Outdoor lighting provides a cozy setting as well as a deterrent for intruders.

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Having the right professional help you create this space is important.  We take the time to meet the customer and see their property to make sure that our design fits the needs, wants, budget, and home of each and every one of our customers.  Our owners personally design each lighting plan.  And all our technicians are trained to install and maintain outdoor lighting systems. Check out some of our own lighting designs here.