Creating an outdoor space is a great way to let your indoor living area flow to the outdoors. Especially in the summer months and early fall many people want to add more living areas outside.  Decks are a great way to add outdoor space and value to your home.  But with the addition of outdoor lighting you can take it to a whole new level.  It adds security as well as the aesthetic and giving you a space to spend the warm summer nights in.

And there is a design that fits each home and space.  Keep it simple with a light on each corner post providing just enough light. Or add one to each post on the deck adding light and security while you are entertaining. You can install the lights at the top or the base of the post, depending on the look you are doing for.

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There are many different styles to choose from to create the right amount of light for your deck.  Add step lights to your deck for safety.  Step  lights provide a soft light that leaves you and your guests able to walk around safely at night.

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Adding deck lighting adds a subtle light that can add hours on to your next gathering.  Even the pathways to your deck can be accented with a path light.  Outdoor lighting provides a cozy setting as well as a deterrent for intruders.

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Having the right professional help you create this space is important.  We take the time to meet the customer and see their property to make sure that our design fits the needs, wants, budget, and home of each and every one of our customers.  Our owners personally design each lighting plan.  And all our technicians are trained to install and maintain outdoor lighting systems. Check out some of our own lighting designs here.

So you’re walking around your property and stumble upon a leak in your sprinkler system.  It’s not uncommon and can happen anywhere in your irrigation.  And the problem is that there is not quick fix.  It can be a long process.  Especially in the difficult area of the valve box.

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Sometimes in order to repair a break in the PVC, you may need to replace multiple valves.  This can also happen when a valve malfunctions and needs to be replaced.  A common problem of this happening is when the valves were plumbed too close together. Not leaving adequate spacing is a problem and leaving a minimum of 1′ spacing between manifold valves is suggested to ease the need of getting at the valves for future repairs. A big “no no” is the use of putty to stop the leak.  And while it may work temporarily it is not good fix, just merely a “band aid” approach.

Valve Box Leak

Getting things done the right way is the only way.  Your sprinkler system helps protect your lawn and plantings.  And as most things over time, repairs are needed and need to be fixed. The band aid approach is faulty and will end up being more costly in the future.  This is the type of repair where a professional is needed.  Cutting out the bad or broken PVC and  redo with new PVC and fittings.  Once repaired and glue is set, your system is back in business.

Fore more information on valve leaks and repairs, check out this website.

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Ever taken a stroll around your yard and noticed areas with too much water?  Are some spots are soggy and drenched? This could be the effects of a waterlogged lawn.  This can make your lawn become really messy and muddy- not good. Here are some of the things that may be creating the swamp like effect on your lawn:

  • Inefficient drainage: Your gutters could be to blame.  They may not be the proper drainage system for your home causing too much water to gather in spots.  Without a proper gutter system your lawn can become saturated by all the run off coming from a misdirected gutter.  It’s important to keep the gutters clear of debris to ensure it is functioning properly and not causing your lawn to look like a mess.
  • Too much watering: Watering twice a day is not necessary.  Less is more sometimes when it comes to your sprinkler systems’ watering schedule.  Deep watering just once or twice is week can be all you need.  This is where having an automatic sprinkler system works best.  Being able to monitor and control the watering of your system helps prevent over and under watering.
  • Compacted soil: If you aren’t guilty of number 1 or 2 the problem may lie with your soil composition.  Most commonly you will find that clay based soils are less permeable.   But all soil types can become impacted over time. To alleviate this you can limit foot traffic in those area or have your lawn aerated.
  • Broken/cracked valve: With an underground sprinkler system the valves and pipes are all buried.  If one (or more) are cracked or broken, you may notice areas of your lawn pooling and having too much water collecting.  With time the sprinkler technician can track out and repair the issue for you before it causes more damage to your lawn and plants.

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So why is too much water bad for your lawn?  Soil need air pockets in order to grow lush and stay healthy.  The plants need their roots which live in the soil to be able to breathe. Soil and lawns that are over watered basically suffocate the plants.  This causes the plants to rot and eventually die. If you might be experiencing areas with too much water, give us a call.  Let us find out the problem and see what is the issue and fix it.

Summer is quickly approaching and our landscapes will begin to need more attention.  Higher temperatures and longer sun can make the grasses dry and plantings begin to wilt.  Installing a smart sprinkler system can help you maintain your landscape all season long.  And with the innovations in the industry, sprinkler systems are becoming more and more “green” and smart.  New smart timers can be controlled remotely from any place and any time.  Keeping a closer eye on the system cuts down on over watering helping you save on your water bill.

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New timers can retrofit into existing systems.  The smart timers offer benefits:

  • Real time monitoring of your zones watering
  • Add extra time to specific zones from anywhere
  • Adjust watering schedule based on water restrictions
  • Shut off zones as you need
  • Cut down on service calls and having to be at your home to give technicians access

Take it a step further by adding a flow sensor.  With the flow sensor you can see the amount of water being used by your irrigation system each time it runs.  By signing onto the app you can see the water usage charted out for you.  If there is a leak or a potential issue, the app will alert us and potentially save you money by catching an the problem early.

Rain sensors are a smart way to also make your sprinkler system run more efficiently.  The sensor can measure the rainfall and tell the sprinkler system whether it needs to run or not.  If enough water has fallen over time it will know to not let the system run.  Once a certain amount of rainfall has accumulated, the sensor will shut the electrical current system to the causinto not run until it dries up.

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Another great addition to a smart sprinkler system is adding drip zones.  Areas such as arborvitaes, green giants, certain bushes, and other plants can be watered with drip irrigation.  Lines installed underneath the ground delivering water right to the roots. These systems are estimated to be boost your systems efficiency by 90%.  It’s a smart, easy, and inexpensive way to bring the right amount of water to specific areas.

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Read more on sprinkler systems here.

Landscape lighting has many benefits.  Most people judge landscape lighting as an “extra” for their home.  Thinking of it as a luxury and not a necessity.  Which can be true.  But landscape lighting can look great AND be added security for your home.  Ensure walkways and driveways are lit for safety when coming home at night.  Just a few strategic pathlights can make quite an impact.  Add lights near back, side and front doors so you can clearly see where you and your family are going. Illuminate sidewalks, driveways, and around your garage.  A well lit back yard and property shows you care about your home.  It’s a great deterrent for trespassers or burglars.  Most wont approach a home where they will clearly be seen.

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Think about the added safety of a well lit property for neighbors and walkers.  When your home is lit up there’s less chance for someone to trip and fall over something.  When you are having company over, having entrance areas lit make them feel safe and secure when coming to your home at night.

And in the warmer months ,who isn’t spending more time outside.  Extend the life of your parties or get togethers with back yard lighting around your gathering areas.  Guests and your family will feel safe and have a sense of comfort spending time outdoors when it’s dark with outdoor lighting.  More parties means you may be grilling up a storm.  Bistro lights can add just enough light allow you to see more clearly.  If  your grill is near a fence. think of adding lights to the fence posts for more light.  Large back yards can benefit from additional lighting so letting your pets out at night is safer.

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By using the new smart controllers you can also control your lights from your smartphone.  If you go away for vacation and forget to turn the lights on, there’s no need to worry.  Turn the lights on right from your phone.

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There are so many ways to add comfort, safety, and aesthetic to your home with outdoor landscape lighting.  Having a professionally installed system means that whatever your needs are in the lights are met.  Read more on landscape lighting and the Light Logic timer here.

If you have an irrigation system you already know the importance of protecting your investment.  But there is more to just turning the sprinkler system on when it gets hot or when you put new plants or seed down. Proper watering times are key to keeping your plants happy and lawn looking lush.  A few minutes per cycle is typically just enough water  to wet just the very top layer of soil.   By watering deep, the root system of the turf will grow deep and be able to absorb that water. Just keep the deeper soil levels moist, and that takes longer irrigation times.

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Water 3 times a week, but not everyday.  It’s not needed more than that unless seed or new sod was put down.  In that case, watering two times a day for 2 weeks is needed for the sod to take.  Do not set your sprinkler to come on or irrigate in the evenings, as this keeps the turf damp all night and could lead to turf disease. And don’t water in the middle of the afternoon, as with the heat and sun, some of it will simply evaporate and be lost. Have your sprinkler system programmed to come on early in the morning, so more of the water can soak into the soil, and as the sun comes up it will dry out the grass.

The key to efficient irrigation is to adjust watering schedules frequently during the season. If you set your automatic controller once and let it run all season, you’re wasting a lot of water that could be damaging your plants and your pocketbook.  Most modern controllers allow you to easily set your base schedule and then adjust your weekly watering schedule based on the weather.

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While this all may seem complicated, there are ways to simplify it.  Having a knowledgeable sprinkler system company can help.  A trained staff with years of training can routinely come and make sure that plants are getting watered for their specific needs .  There is also the technology advancements reaching the irrigation industry.  New cloud based, WIFI controllers can tap right into local weather stations and water according to your local weather reports.  Reports are kept to see when the system last watered, for how long, and even spot potential issues.