Fall calls for different gardens and plants for your home.  Which means when those plants are put in they will need to be watered and may need adjustments.  Over the season your system is adjusted for new plantings and for plant growth.  By the time fall comes those same sprinkler heads may need to be changed.

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Your beautiful mums might not need the same watering schedule, nozzle, or amount of water that was needed in the Spring and Summer.  Mums need saturation daily.  They don’t call them “hardy” mums for nothing!  Newly planted mums need frequent water to become established.  If the soil is dry to the touch it’s time to water. You want to water them so that the root ball becomes moistened but not soggy.

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If your mums are in containers they will need water every day 1-2 inches deep.  Adding drip or micro mists to your pots is a great way to ensure that you plants get adequate water and negates the need for your to hand water every day.  And no matter what you have planted the drip can be adjusted for all new plantings.  And the drip is discreet as to not be an eyesore or take away from your plants.

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Asters are another frost tolerant flower great for planting in the fall.  They are a dainty, daisy like flower great for adding in a pot that is well drained.  Which is why adding a micro mist line in your pots is a great idea.  It takes the guess work out of figuring out how much water is needed. Slowly the water is delivered straight into the pot.  (more…)

Amazon Alexa is now compatible with the Hunter Hydrawise smart controller.  This season has been THE season for integrating your sprinkler system into your smart home.  Hunter Industries has produced an incredible smart controller for sprinkler systems.   The smart timer allows access to your system any time, any where.  Even contractors can sign in as well as the customer to make any changes that are needed to a particular zone.

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So now when you are having new plantings put in the time in that specific zone can be changed remotely.  It also comes in handy for times when you need a specific area or zone turned off for an event at your home or during a time you may have construction going on.

Take it a step further by installing the optional flow meter.  With this you can monitor that actual water usage of your sprinkler system.  You can be alerted to overwatering in a specific zone that may be a potential problem if left unnoticed.

By using the app on  a smart device you can monitor your sprinkler system 24 hours a day from any location.  During the summer when you may be on a long weekend or vacation, you can add watering times when it’s been especially dry.  But the great thing about the timer is that it syncs with local weather stations and will adjust accordingly if you choose that option.  So your sprinkler system now becomes “smart” by knowing whether it needs to water or not.

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Partnering with Amazon Alexa now allows you to use your voice to control specific areas of your sprinkler system.  So when you are relaxing sitting on the couch and remember that your new flowers could use some extra water, just add the Hunter Hydrawise to Alexa’s skills and you are set.  Just say, “Alexa, turn on the flower bed mists for 20 minutes” without even getting up.

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Sprinkler systems have come a long way from just attaching a hose to water your lawn.  They have now become part of the green movement and the smart home industry.  We are proud to be a part of this industry and keeping on track of all the innovations that are made in it.  For more on incorporating the smart controller with the Amazon Alexa watch this You Tube link.

Seems like the summer came and went quick and not fall is upon us.  Which means you should begin thinking about scheduling your appointment for a sprinkler system winterization. Sprinkler winter service should be part of the routine care that you have done on your system. There are several important benefits to having a trained and experienced company winterize your commercial or residential sprinkler irrigation systems, with the main benefit being financial savings. Irrigation systems are important investments and help maintain your property’s health and beauty throughout the year, so protecting this investment is worth the price of winterization. Any water left in irrigation system pipes, valves and other components can expand during a hard freeze and crack or damage the system, leading to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in replacement and repairs. Also, many people mistakenly believe that Houston does not get cold enough to impact their irrigation systems, when in fact the irrigation pipes are buried just below ground and are easily impacted by a good freeze.

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Sometimes it is easy to forget about your sprinkler system.  Many people believe that since the irrigation system is underground it is safe from the cold and damage.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Water left in the main lines or even the sprinkler heads can be problematic in the spring.  By having a trained technician use a compressor with specific pressure to ensure that no water is left.  The freezing water left behind can expand once it freezes.  This expansion is what causes the breakage and possible repairs needed come the spring. 

Protecting an irrigation system from the protects the beauty and health of your property. Repairing or replacing an irrigation system can wreak havoc on a beautiful and well-maintained lawn since replacing components such as mainlines, manifolds and valves require many sections of turf to be dug up. Also, many property owners do not realize they have had irrigation system damage from a hard freeze until well into the spring, when lawns, trees and landscape gardens need a great deal of water. Any delay in getting an irrigation system repaired or replaced can lead to tree damage or unhealthy lawn, which can increase overall landscape costs and decreased curb appeal.

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Landscape lights in Bergen county is a service Garden State Irrigation and Lighting has been providing in the Northern NJ and Bergen County areas for over 25 years.  We strive to provide quality landscape lighting to homes in and around Bergen County.  Landscape lighting can provide security lighting as well as be pleasing towards the eye.  Our trained technicians know that proper placement of the lights makes the difference to your home.  We offer a wide range of lighting fixtures and options to choose from.  From color changing lights that can be changed and controlled from your phone to a more modest lighting scheme aimed to provide safety and security to your home.  We can provide an estimate designed for your needs and landscape with a face to face meeting.  Getting to know the customer as well as the property allows us to create the look that perfectly suits your needs.

Landscape lights can be used to highlight architectural details of your home. Adding up lighting to porch columns creates a look of grandeur.  A few well placed bullets on a Japanese maple or river birch makes your landscape a showcase of your property.

On patio or lounge areas wall lights installed directly into a retaining wall or other surrounding structure adds a creative look and allows you to spend more time outside safely.  Add step lights to your deck lighting the way for guests to enter and leave your home.

There is an endless array of lighting possibilities for your home and landscape.  Our years of experience and professionalism shows in our quality installation of outdoor landscape lighting.  We provide an in depth consultation and free estimate for your property.  Visit this link to see more of our previous lighting projects.

Creating a Halloween lighting display is something kids young and old LOVE to see.  From creepy and eerie designs to a more innocent and rustic display, there is something they have in common- LIGHTS!

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Imagine creating your spooky decor and being able to change from green, to blue, to purple, to orange any time you want.  The best part?  You can do the controlling from your phone!  We offer the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC (Zoning Dimming Color) for your home.  This low voltage lighting system allows you to control different areas and sections.  Make one tree blue and another orange.  Create an area that shines bright or one that is more ominous and dark while still providing some light.

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And even when the holidays are done and over, you can set the lights white as a part of your landscape lighting.  Turn some areas on and some off.  Dim an area close to a bedroom at night.  Other areas can remain on and bright giving you added security at night or to extend your living space outside illuminating a deck or patio. Image result for halloween lighting



Planning for holiday lighting in your home and other Bergen County surrounding areas is exciting AND stressful.  We offer holiday lighting to help offset your stress.  With a free estimate we come out to your property and take a look at your home.  By taking a look at your home firsthand we have a good idea of the amount of lights you would need.  We also take the time to talk to you and get to know you and what you are looking for in your lights.

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You will have the peace of mind that you are in good hands with our team.  From colored lights, to LED, wreaths, candy canes, garland, and timers you are covered.  Our technicians have the lighting and installation experience needed to provide our customers with a high quality lighting diply

From start to finish we are there to assist you in any way for your holiday lighting needs.  No matter what holiday you are celebrating we offer the right lighting display for you.  We can even put up your own lights, provide new lights, bows, and wreaths, as well as provide safe storage for your lights until the next season.

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And it’s not just for homes.  If you are looking to spruce up your business for the holidays we can do that as well.  A clean, crisp outline of your business structure, light up the trees along your building, add a big wreath to the outside to show your holiday spirit.

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Helping to take the stress out of the holidays is our job.  We know how important this time of year can be to spend more time with family.  Taking care of the holiday decor is just one less thing for you to worry about!  Giving you a little more free time to see family, prep for parties, go shopping, or to just have a little extra “me” time to yourself.