23 May 2018

Not only do gorgeous gardens give you a tranquil place to relax, but you can also use them to attract wildlife with gardening.  With so many of our natural resources disappearing around us, we have to do our part- especially being in the green industry and eco-conscious gardening is a great way to achieve that.  Various plants and flowers can actually help the environment and help to increase its resources.  Being in the outdoors and green industry means that we must do our part in keeping the delicate ecosystem going.  Sprinkler systems can be a great tool for water conservation and make sure that there is no wasted water. Even outdoor landscape lighting has come a long way with LED bulbs that burn longer reducing the number of times you need to replace the bulbs.  LED bulbs also require less energy to keep them going.


For now, let’s take a look at the different ways your garden can help the ecosystem to thrive and encourage wildlife to visit:

1. Add a bird bath to your outdoor space or garden.

It doesn’t take a lot of water, you want to keep just an inch or two.  Just enough to attract the birds looking to cool off or take a drink.

Image result for bird bath in flower garden

2. If you have space, add groves or thickets.

Plant native trees to your area or berry bushes.  The fruit from the plant encourages the wildlife as well as a homegrown snack for yourself.  For a clean look, keep the bushes of the same species or keep the color to a set pattern.

Image result for berry bushes

3. Add layered plantings.

Space permitting, add canopy like maple trees or cherry trees farther back in the planting area.  Then layer in front of that medium-sized trees (Japanese Maple) and keep going from there with bushes or shrubs.  In the front, you can add perennial flowers that attract birds, bees, and butterflies.


4. Plant native fruit trees. 

How convenient to be able to walk outside and grab your own fresh fruit?  Planting native fruit trees not only supply you with delicious, in-season produce but attracts and supports birds, caterpillars, and butterflies.


Image result for native fruit trees in nj

5. Add a pool or pond

Water features are a fabulous way to bring wildlife to your backyard.  While providing a habitat for plants and animals, it allows you to create a relaxing retreat right in your own home.

mandelbaum 10

6. Add vines

Vines are great in small areas where you want to create a space for wildlife.  Since they grow up, there is little space required. Hummingbirds are known to visit trumpet honeysuckle and native clematis.

Image result for garden vines with trumpet honeysuckle

Once you have decided on what type of landscaping you want, it’s important to maintain it with proper watering.  Each plant has different needs and properties can vary in their water retention and shade.   Hiring a professional landscaper as well as irrigation company will ensure that the needs are being met of your landscape.  While there are many DIY platforms out there, there is plumbing that needs to be done on a sprinkler system or if you are planning on adding a water feature.  Leave the hard work to the professionals and let yourself enjoy your new backyard oasis.

02 May 2018

As winter gradually gives way to warmer, Spring-like temperatures it’s a good time to think about outdoor projects.  Creating a space to relax and enjoy the fresh air is a great way to extend your living space. Whether it be working in the garden, relaxing on the deck, or reading on the patio, you may want to consider adding outdoor speakers. Transform an average space into something a bit more special with music on outdoor speakers that can be controlled from the convenience of your smart device.

Image result for truaudio outdoor speakers

Backyards come in all different shapes and sizes and require specific placement for optimal sound.  You’ll want to consider where most people will be so those are the areas to ensure get sound.  Is your property close to neighbors where volume will be an issue?  Things like pool equipment, spas, and water feature s should also be taken into consideration since they give off noise that can interfere with the speaker volume. The outdoor speakers should also blend in with the environment and be less noticeable.

It’s also important the speakers are specifically designed for outdoors.  The outdoor speakers need to stand up to any temperature and withstand the natural elements such as wind, rain, snow, and the pounding sun.   The speakers and their accessories should be able to take the heat, moisture, and almost anything else Mother Nature can drum up.

There are plenty of options to choose from depending on what you are going for. The most common installation is under the eaves of your house.  But there have been so many advancements in the speaker design that you can be way more creative than that.  Adding a subwoofer helps to deliver a fuller sound that you would expect from the confines of your home.  In-ground options are great for delivering quality sound but not creating an eyesore.  The latest outdoor speakers are designed to blend with the outdoors allowing you to place them all over your backyard.  So no matter where you are, gardening, by the swingset, or lounging poolside you will be able to listen to your favorite music.

Related image

While there are many speakers and outdoor audio systems sold at almost every store, for truly great sound and quality you should have them installed by a professional.  Having the experience with speaker placement outdoors gives the professional the advantage.  Knowing exactly where the place the speakers to give you optimal sound is something that comes with experience.  Our installations are done with great sound, quality products while keeping your current landscape in mind.



21 Mar 2018

When you think of Spring, landscape lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  But after a long and messy winter like we have had your landscape lights may need a tune-up. During the winter plows, shoveling, and the amount of snow that dumped on most of Northern NJ means your lighting fixtures got buried and possibly damaged.  It could also mean that after a long Spring you are looking forward to spending more time outdoors!  And if that’s the case adding outdoor lighting means you can extend your time out there.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about landscape lighting:

Do you currently have landscape lighting?

  • Yes?  Is it LED?  Most earlier landscape lighting systems were installed using halogen bulbs.  Since then advancements in the lighting industry have led to smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient lighting options.  Halogen lights burn hotter than an LED bulb.  A common danger is after mulch is put down, if the lights are covered they can catch fire from getting too hot. An LED bulb does not get nearly as hot as a halogen but and is much safer.  Once one bulb goes out it puts a strain on the other bulbs on the line which can cause more bulbs to go out.  LED bulbs can cost more from the start but since they don’t use as much energy you will see the savings over time.

Are you looking to put in a whole new lighting system?

  • Yes?  It would be worth the time to call in a professional to discuss your options and see what will be the best options for your home.  While there are a ton of options and blogs on do it yourself lighting systems unless you are in the lighting industry it’s better to have a professional company come in and see what needs to be done and have it completed safely.

What areas or objects are you looking to light?

  •  Deciding what you want to highlight or add light to is an important decision to make in your landscape lighting design.  There are many different kinds of lights that best suit certain areas.  String lights are great for a patio area but not so much if your goal is security lighting.  Bullets are a great option to light up a landscape design or tree such as a red maple.  With so many options contacting a professional can save you time.

What kinds of lighting will you need?

  • Well lights, path lights, string lights, deck lights, bistro lights….. oh my!  Depending on what you are looking to highlight you will want a specific light.  Each light gives off a different amount and kind of light.


26 Feb 2018

You have your house and now you have decided that you want to add low voltage landscape lighting. But where to start?  Designing a low voltage landscape lighting system takes more than adding lights.  There’s an aesthetic you want to reach to accentuate the architectural details of your home while also providing a safe walkway.  Just walk into any home improvement center and you can see just how many lighting options you have.  Some lights work best in certain areas and some are better to lighting a path than a tree.  Having a lighting professional come to take a look at your property and design a system that works best for your property is a good place to start but here are some things to take into consideration when designing a low voltage landscape lighting system.

A great place to start is what you want to achieve with your landscape lighting.  Are your lights for safety? For aesthetics?  Go for a walk around your property at dusk to see what areas you need to light.  From the inside of your home, you might want to look out the back or front and see what you would like to have the ability to see at night.  Maybe you have a seating area that would benefit from bistro lighting, a deck that could use lights to guide you around at night.  You want to look for possible areas that you would want as a focal point.  Red maples are great trees that look incredible at night with a bullet underneath it.  It can almost transform the entire look of your property at night. You want to make sure that the lights are also out of the way of people walking, cars coming in the driveway and landscapers.

Photometrics is something to keep in mind when you are choosing the style of fixtures and bulbs.  You can use a lamp guide to help determine the light output and the beam.  All lamps put out a different amount of light so knowing what bulbs are being put in will help determine how many lights are needed overall while also being pleasing to the eye.

Installing the right transformer is important. Having the proper wattage based on the fixtures ensures there is no wattage drop or tripping of the transformer.  If the wattage is too high for the transformer you can split it between two transformers or install a higher wattage, more powerful transformer.

Image result for unique low voltage transformer

You can avoid a voltage drop (when lights are furthest away from the transformer they will have a lower voltage – those placed closer to the transformer will have a noticeably higher voltage) by using the following ways to minimalize it:

  • use a more powerful transformer
  • shorten the cable lengths
  • reduce fixture wattages
  • remove some fixtures on lighting run

All fixtures provide a different look and are best in or with specific elements of your landscape.  There really is a fixture for each and every area of your landscape. Finding the right one for your needs will take time.  The market is filled with options to light your home.  Unique lighting is a great quality company with loads of lighting fixtures to choose from. Here is a list of commonly used low voltage landscape lighting fixtures and possible placements/ uses for them:

BULLETS: Great for uplighting ornamental trees, gardens, or features such as a fountain.

PATH LIGHTS: Light a way to your front door, line a driveway, or outline the perimeter beds for better lighting at night.  It provides a safe, lit path, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

WELL LIGHTS: Mounted on the ground, well lights are great for lighting large landscape features or areas.

These are just a few of the many lighting options out there.  Deck lights and step lights are great for creating an extended outdoor living space by lighting otherwise dark areas.  Bistro, or string lighting, is gaining in popularity for many outdoor spaces.

    Related imageImage result for bistro lighting

Image result for bistro lighting patio

Read more on low voltage lighting systems here.

16 Feb 2018

Whether it’s porch lights to welcome you home after sunset or ground-level lights that give your home’s landscape a dramatic nighttime flair, you’ll find more choices of outdoor lighting fixtures than ever before.  There are upgrades that can even be made to your current landscape lighting system.  From smart timers to LED, energy saving bulbs, many advancements have been made in the industry.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

LED bulbs are long lasting which saves you save money in the long run. The upfront costs of a LED lighting system are higher than a halogen system but the bulbs don’t have to be replaced nearly as much.  A halogen lighting system does not run as efficiently as an LED lighting system.  If a halogen bulb goes out it will cause other bulbs to burn faster and need to be replaced.  There is a risk of halogen bulbs burning hot enough that is mulch is left around it can cause it to possibly set fire.

Image may contain: outdoor

Landscape lighting creates a whole new feel to your outdoor space.  Adding a few to light a path or step lights are a great addition which look great and also make it safer to walk at night.  Hiring a professional company to install the lights is recommended.  While there are many DIY sites to help with the process, a professional knows the ins and outs of what is needed to have a quality lighting system that will be long-lasting.

15 Feb 2018

A backflow device is found between your home’s main water supply connection and your sprinkler system to prevent any backwards water flow.  Without one, or if one is broken, could mean that outside debris from your lawn or garden, can get back into your home’s drinking water.

Related image

Over time with years of use the backflow may break or malfunction.  Even with proper care and maintenance, just as with any other mechanical part, it will wear out and need replacement.  Hiring an irrigation professional who has the expertise and knowledge to successfully complete this repair is important.  Keeping an irrigation system running requires routine maintenance throughout the season.

A slow and consistent drip or leak from the backflow could mean that debris is backing up.  An experienced technician will need to come out and take apart the relief valve and clean the valve seat.  This can often be a recurring problem at your property for a slow leak from the backflow.  Those constant visits can add up and become costly.  At that point, it would be recommended that a filter is installed to prevent this from happening.  A filter will help keep debris from getting into the backflow as often and stop the backflow from clogging.


To learn more, keep reading here.

12 Feb 2018

There’s more to just turning on your water and checking the timer when it comes to getting your irrigation system going after the cold winter.  A sprinkler turn on checklist is a great way to know what to look for once the winter is gone and it’s time for the sprinkler system to be turned back on for the season.  Keep reading for great tips and an informative link from Hunter Industries, a leading supplier in irrigation systems and who we at Garden State Irrigation and Lighting use on all our jobs.Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature

The freezing temps over the winter can cause damage within the sprinkler system that you may not see right away.  A main line leak wouldn’t be something you would notice right away.  Little by little over time water would begin to reach the surface and pool on your lawn.  This can create muddy, swampy areas to your landscape that cause issues such as bugs and lawn mowers sinking and causing damage to the turf.  Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Having a professional perform the Spring turn on of the sprinkler system ensures that a trained eye will take note of each area and every single zone to check for issues.  Some repairs like a broken head would need to be replaced right away.  A broken sprinkler head will gush water causing areas to be too wet and be a tremendous waste of water.  Other things to look for are heads that may need to be adjusted or moved.  When the system was shut down months ago your plants and landscape were at a different stage and needed to be positioned differently or required a different nozzle.  In the Spring when plants are new and young, they will require different attention. Service technicians will make sure that each head is set up for the current plants and needs of your property.

Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature

If you are interested in reading more tips on what took look for in the Spring, take a look at this link for pro tips from Hunter Industries.


11 Dec 2017

There is no denying the growing popularity of extending your living space with outdoor spaces and including an outdoor speaker system is a great idea.  An outdoor speaker system allows you to listen to your favorite music from your backyard or other outdoor space.   We use TruAudio outdoor speaker systems that are made to last and to blend in with the outdoors. There are so many products on the market for outdoor speakers but TruAudio has proven to provide a clean sound without being overwhelming. There’s no need to worry about your music bothering the neighbors with these high-quality speakers.  The sound is so clear you don’t need to blast it in order to hear it.  With our experience, we provide a comprehensive layout of the speakers so that there is never a need to not hear the music.  Speakers have come a long way since sounding like the music was coming from a loudspeaker.  Today’s speakers provide a wide range of sound and top quality audio.

We have done our research to know that the placement of the speakers is key to an outdoor speaker system.  And when using quality speakers you shouldn’t need to have the speakers taking over your space.  TruAudio has designed a speaker that is meant to be hard and NOT seen.  Quality craftsmanship makes these speakers hands down the best.   Their design alone sets them apart from the rest.  No one wants to have speakers hanging off their house or tripping over the cords.  These speakers are made to blend in with their surroundings and are weather resistant.  Rain or shine TruAudio speakers are built to withstand the outdoor elements.  







Just think that at your next get together you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing a radio or one little Bluetooth speaker outside.  By adding Sonos to the TruAudio outdoor speaker system the music is controlled by your smart device.  Take your favorite playlist with you after a long day at work outside as you relax.  All you need is your smart device and you have your favorite tunes at your fingertips.  Here’s a great video by TruAudio showing the great speakers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fqtN0c8FtU

Image result for truaudio outdoor speaker systems


24 Oct 2017

Fall calls for different gardens and plants for your home.  Which means when those plants are put in they will need to be watered and may need adjustments.  Over the season your system is adjusted for new plantings and for plant growth.  By the time fall comes those same sprinkler heads may need to be changed.

Related image

Your beautiful mums might not need the same watering schedule, nozzle, or amount of water that was needed in the Spring and Summer.  Mums need saturation daily.  They don’t call them “hardy” mums for nothing!  Newly planted mums need frequent water to become established.  If the soil is dry to the touch it’s time to water. You want to water them so that the root ball becomes moistened but not soggy.

Image result for container mums

If your mums are in containers they will need water every day 1-2 inches deep.  Adding drip or micro mists to your pots is a great way to ensure that you plants get adequate water and negates the need for your to hand water every day.  And no matter what you have planted the drip can be adjusted for all new plantings.  And the drip is discreet as to not be an eyesore or take away from your plants.

Image result for flowers to plant in fall

Asters are another frost tolerant flower great for planting in the fall.  They are a dainty, daisy like flower great for adding in a pot that is well drained.  Which is why adding a micro mist line in your pots is a great idea.  It takes the guess work out of figuring out how much water is needed. Slowly the water is delivered straight into the pot.  (more…)

11 Oct 2017

Amazon Alexa is now compatible with the Hunter Hydrawise smart controller.  This season has been THE season for integrating your sprinkler system into your smart home.  Hunter Industries has produced an incredible smart controller for sprinkler systems.   The smart timer allows access to your system any time, any where.  Even contractors can sign in as well as the customer to make any changes that are needed to a particular zone.

Image result for hunter hydrawise and alexa

So now when you are having new plantings put in the time in that specific zone can be changed remotely.  It also comes in handy for times when you need a specific area or zone turned off for an event at your home or during a time you may have construction going on.

Take it a step further by installing the optional flow meter.  With this you can monitor that actual water usage of your sprinkler system.  You can be alerted to overwatering in a specific zone that may be a potential problem if left unnoticed.

By using the app on  a smart device you can monitor your sprinkler system 24 hours a day from any location.  During the summer when you may be on a long weekend or vacation, you can add watering times when it’s been especially dry.  But the great thing about the timer is that it syncs with local weather stations and will adjust accordingly if you choose that option.  So your sprinkler system now becomes “smart” by knowing whether it needs to water or not.

Image result for hunter hydrawise and alexa

Partnering with Amazon Alexa now allows you to use your voice to control specific areas of your sprinkler system.  So when you are relaxing sitting on the couch and remember that your new flowers could use some extra water, just add the Hunter Hydrawise to Alexa’s skills and you are set.  Just say, “Alexa, turn on the flower bed mists for 20 minutes” without even getting up.

Image result for hunter hydrawise and alexa

Sprinkler systems have come a long way from just attaching a hose to water your lawn.  They have now become part of the green movement and the smart home industry.  We are proud to be a part of this industry and keeping on track of all the innovations that are made in it.  For more on incorporating the smart controller with the Amazon Alexa watch this You Tube link.

06 Sep 2017

Seems like the summer came and went quick and not fall is upon us.  Which means you should begin thinking about scheduling your appointment for a sprinkler system winterization. Sprinkler winter service should be part of the routine care that you have done on your system. There are several important benefits to having a trained and experienced company winterize your commercial or residential sprinkler irrigation systems, with the main benefit being financial savings. Irrigation systems are important investments and help maintain your property’s health and beauty throughout the year, so protecting this investment is worth the price of winterization. Any water left in irrigation system pipes, valves and other components can expand during a hard freeze and crack or damage the system, leading to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in replacement and repairs. Also, many people mistakenly believe that Houston does not get cold enough to impact their irrigation systems, when in fact the irrigation pipes are buried just below ground and are easily impacted by a good freeze.

Image result for freeze damage to sprinkler system

Sometimes it is easy to forget about your sprinkler system.  Many people believe that since the irrigation system is underground it is safe from the cold and damage.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Water left in the main lines or even the sprinkler heads can be problematic in the spring.  By having a trained technician use a compressor with specific pressure to ensure that no water is left.  The freezing water left behind can expand once it freezes.  This expansion is what causes the breakage and possible repairs needed come the spring. 

Protecting an irrigation system from the protects the beauty and health of your property. Repairing or replacing an irrigation system can wreak havoc on a beautiful and well-maintained lawn since replacing components such as mainlines, manifolds and valves require many sections of turf to be dug up. Also, many property owners do not realize they have had irrigation system damage from a hard freeze until well into the spring, when lawns, trees and landscape gardens need a great deal of water. Any delay in getting an irrigation system repaired or replaced can lead to tree damage or unhealthy lawn, which can increase overall landscape costs and decreased curb appeal.

Image result for sprinkler blow out


21 Aug 2017

Landscape lights in Bergen county is a service Garden State Irrigation and Lighting has been providing in the Northern NJ and Bergen County areas for over 25 years.  We strive to provide quality landscape lighting to homes in and around Bergen County.  Landscape lighting can provide security lighting as well as be pleasing towards the eye.  Our trained technicians know that proper placement of the lights makes the difference to your home.  We offer a wide range of lighting fixtures and options to choose from.  From color changing lights that can be changed and controlled from your phone to a more modest lighting scheme aimed to provide safety and security to your home.  We can provide an estimate designed for your needs and landscape with a face to face meeting.  Getting to know the customer as well as the property allows us to create the look that perfectly suits your needs.

Landscape lights can be used to highlight architectural details of your home. Adding up lighting to porch columns creates a look of grandeur.  A few well placed bullets on a Japanese maple or river birch makes your landscape a showcase of your property.

On patio or lounge areas wall lights installed directly into a retaining wall or other surrounding structure adds a creative look and allows you to spend more time outside safely.  Add step lights to your deck lighting the way for guests to enter and leave your home.

There is an endless array of lighting possibilities for your home and landscape.  Our years of experience and professionalism shows in our quality installation of outdoor landscape lighting.  We provide an in depth consultation and free estimate for your property.  Visit this link to see more of our previous lighting projects.

21 Aug 2017

Landscape lights in Bergen county is a service Garden State Irrigation and Lighting has been providing in the Northern NJ and Bergen County areas for over 25 years.  We strive to provide quality landscape lighting to homes in and around Bergen County.  Landscape lighting can provide security lighting as well as be pleasing towards the eye.  Our trained technicians know that proper placement of the lights makes the difference to your home.  We offer a wide range of lighting fixtures and options to choose from.  From color changing lights that can be changed and controlled from your phone to a more modest lighting scheme aimed to provide safety and security to your home.  We can provide an estimate designed for your needs and landscape with a face to face meeting.  Getting to know the customer as well as the property allows us to create the look that perfectly suits your needs.

09 Aug 2017

Creating a Halloween lighting display is something kids young and old LOVE to see.  From creepy and eerie designs to a more innocent and rustic display, there is something they have in common- LIGHTS!

Image result for halloween lighting

Imagine creating your spooky decor and being able to change from green, to blue, to purple, to orange any time you want.  The best part?  You can do the controlling from your phone!  We offer the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC (Zoning Dimming Color) for your home.  This low voltage lighting system allows you to control different areas and sections.  Make one tree blue and another orange.  Create an area that shines bright or one that is more ominous and dark while still providing some light.

Related image

And even when the holidays are done and over, you can set the lights white as a part of your landscape lighting.  Turn some areas on and some off.  Dim an area close to a bedroom at night.  Other areas can remain on and bright giving you added security at night or to extend your living space outside illuminating a deck or patio. Image result for halloween lighting



09 Aug 2017

Planning for holiday lighting in your home and other Bergen County surrounding areas is exciting AND stressful.  We offer holiday lighting to help offset your stress.  With a free estimate we come out to your property and take a look at your home.  By taking a look at your home firsthand we have a good idea of the amount of lights you would need.  We also take the time to talk to you and get to know you and what you are looking for in your lights.

Related image

You will have the peace of mind that you are in good hands with our team.  From colored lights, to LED, wreaths, candy canes, garland, and timers you are covered.  Our technicians have the lighting and installation experience needed to provide our customers with a high quality lighting diply

From start to finish we are there to assist you in any way for your holiday lighting needs.  No matter what holiday you are celebrating we offer the right lighting display for you.  We can even put up your own lights, provide new lights, bows, and wreaths, as well as provide safe storage for your lights until the next season.

Image result for hanukkah outdoor lights

And it’s not just for homes.  If you are looking to spruce up your business for the holidays we can do that as well.  A clean, crisp outline of your business structure, light up the trees along your building, add a big wreath to the outside to show your holiday spirit.

Image result for classic holiday lighting installation for business

Helping to take the stress out of the holidays is our job.  We know how important this time of year can be to spend more time with family.  Taking care of the holiday decor is just one less thing for you to worry about!  Giving you a little more free time to see family, prep for parties, go shopping, or to just have a little extra “me” time to yourself.

13 Jul 2017

Creating an outdoor space is a great way to let your indoor living area flow to the outdoors. Especially in the summer months and early fall many people want to add more living areas outside.  Decks are a great way to add outdoor space and value to your home.  But with the addition of outdoor lighting you can take it to a whole new level.  It adds security as well as the aesthetic and giving you a space to spend the warm summer nights in.

And there is a design that fits each home and space.  Keep it simple with a light on each corner post providing just enough light. Or add one to each post on the deck adding light and security while you are entertaining. You can install the lights at the top or the base of the post, depending on the look you are doing for.

Image result for deck lights

There are many different styles to choose from to create the right amount of light for your deck.  Add step lights to your deck for safety.  Step  lights provide a soft light that leaves you and your guests able to walk around safely at night.

Related image

Adding deck lighting adds a subtle light that can add hours on to your next gathering.  Even the pathways to your deck can be accented with a path light.  Outdoor lighting provides a cozy setting as well as a deterrent for intruders.

Related image

Having the right professional help you create this space is important.  We take the time to meet the customer and see their property to make sure that our design fits the needs, wants, budget, and home of each and every one of our customers.  Our owners personally design each lighting plan.  And all our technicians are trained to install and maintain outdoor lighting systems. Check out some of our own lighting designs here.

10 Jul 2017

So you’re walking around your property and stumble upon a leak in your sprinkler system.  It’s not uncommon and can happen anywhere in your irrigation.  And the problem is that there is not quick fix.  It can be a long process.  Especially in the difficult area of the valve box.

Image result for sprinkler system valve box

Sometimes in order to repair a break in the PVC, you may need to replace multiple valves.  This can also happen when a valve malfunctions and needs to be replaced.  A common problem of this happening is when the valves were plumbed too close together. Not leaving adequate spacing is a problem and leaving a minimum of 1′ spacing between manifold valves is suggested to ease the need of getting at the valves for future repairs. A big “no no” is the use of putty to stop the leak.  And while it may work temporarily it is not good fix, just merely a “band aid” approach.

Valve Box Leak

Getting things done the right way is the only way.  Your sprinkler system helps protect your lawn and plantings.  And as most things over time, repairs are needed and need to be fixed. The band aid approach is faulty and will end up being more costly in the future.  This is the type of repair where a professional is needed.  Cutting out the bad or broken PVC and  redo with new PVC and fittings.  Once repaired and glue is set, your system is back in business.

Fore more information on valve leaks and repairs, check out this website.

06 Jul 2017

Image result for waterlogged lawns

Ever taken a stroll around your yard and noticed areas with too much water?  Are some spots are soggy and drenched? This could be the effects of a waterlogged lawn.  This can make your lawn become really messy and muddy- not good. Here are some of the things that may be creating the swamp like effect on your lawn:

  • Inefficient drainage: Your gutters could be to blame.  They may not be the proper drainage system for your home causing too much water to gather in spots.  Without a proper gutter system your lawn can become saturated by all the run off coming from a misdirected gutter.  It’s important to keep the gutters clear of debris to ensure it is functioning properly and not causing your lawn to look like a mess.
  • Too much watering: Watering twice a day is not necessary.  Less is more sometimes when it comes to your sprinkler systems’ watering schedule.  Deep watering just once or twice is week can be all you need.  This is where having an automatic sprinkler system works best.  Being able to monitor and control the watering of your system helps prevent over and under watering.
  • Compacted soil: If you aren’t guilty of number 1 or 2 the problem may lie with your soil composition.  Most commonly you will find that clay based soils are less permeable.   But all soil types can become impacted over time. To alleviate this you can limit foot traffic in those area or have your lawn aerated.
  • Broken/cracked valve: With an underground sprinkler system the valves and pipes are all buried.  If one (or more) are cracked or broken, you may notice areas of your lawn pooling and having too much water collecting.  With time the sprinkler technician can track out and repair the issue for you before it causes more damage to your lawn and plants.

Image result for poorly drained gutters

So why is too much water bad for your lawn?  Soil need air pockets in order to grow lush and stay healthy.  The plants need their roots which live in the soil to be able to breathe. Soil and lawns that are over watered basically suffocate the plants.  This causes the plants to rot and eventually die. If you might be experiencing areas with too much water, give us a call.  Let us find out the problem and see what is the issue and fix it.

20 Jun 2017

Summer is quickly approaching and our landscapes will begin to need more attention.  Higher temperatures and longer sun can make the grasses dry and plantings begin to wilt.  Installing a smart sprinkler system can help you maintain your landscape all season long.  And with the innovations in the industry, sprinkler systems are becoming more and more “green” and smart.  New smart timers can be controlled remotely from any place and any time.  Keeping a closer eye on the system cuts down on over watering helping you save on your water bill.

Image result for hunter pro hc

New timers can retrofit into existing systems.  The smart timers offer benefits:

  • Real time monitoring of your zones watering
  • Add extra time to specific zones from anywhere
  • Adjust watering schedule based on water restrictions
  • Shut off zones as you need
  • Cut down on service calls and having to be at your home to give technicians access

Take it a step further by adding a flow sensor.  With the flow sensor you can see the amount of water being used by your irrigation system each time it runs.  By signing onto the app you can see the water usage charted out for you.  If there is a leak or a potential issue, the app will alert us and potentially save you money by catching an the problem early.

Rain sensors are a smart way to also make your sprinkler system run more efficiently.  The sensor can measure the rainfall and tell the sprinkler system whether it needs to run or not.  If enough water has fallen over time it will know to not let the system run.  Once a certain amount of rainfall has accumulated, the sensor will shut the electrical current system to the causinto not run until it dries up.

Related image

Another great addition to a smart sprinkler system is adding drip zones.  Areas such as arborvitaes, green giants, certain bushes, and other plants can be watered with drip irrigation.  Lines installed underneath the ground delivering water right to the roots. These systems are estimated to be boost your systems efficiency by 90%.  It’s a smart, easy, and inexpensive way to bring the right amount of water to specific areas.

Image result for hunter flow sensor

Read more on sprinkler systems here.

06 Jun 2017

Landscape lighting has many benefits.  Most people judge landscape lighting as an “extra” for their home.  Thinking of it as a luxury and not a necessity.  Which can be true.  But landscape lighting can look great AND be added security for your home.  Ensure walkways and driveways are lit for safety when coming home at night.  Just a few strategic pathlights can make quite an impact.  Add lights near back, side and front doors so you can clearly see where you and your family are going. Illuminate sidewalks, driveways, and around your garage.  A well lit back yard and property shows you care about your home.  It’s a great deterrent for trespassers or burglars.  Most wont approach a home where they will clearly be seen.

Image result for path lights

Think about the added safety of a well lit property for neighbors and walkers.  When your home is lit up there’s less chance for someone to trip and fall over something.  When you are having company over, having entrance areas lit make them feel safe and secure when coming to your home at night.

And in the warmer months ,who isn’t spending more time outside.  Extend the life of your parties or get togethers with back yard lighting around your gathering areas.  Guests and your family will feel safe and have a sense of comfort spending time outdoors when it’s dark with outdoor lighting.  More parties means you may be grilling up a storm.  Bistro lights can add just enough light allow you to see more clearly.  If  your grill is near a fence. think of adding lights to the fence posts for more light.  Large back yards can benefit from additional lighting so letting your pets out at night is safer.

Image result for outdoor lighting

By using the new smart controllers you can also control your lights from your smartphone.  If you go away for vacation and forget to turn the lights on, there’s no need to worry.  Turn the lights on right from your phone.

Image result for light logic timer

There are so many ways to add comfort, safety, and aesthetic to your home with outdoor landscape lighting.  Having a professionally installed system means that whatever your needs are in the lights are met.  Read more on landscape lighting and the Light Logic timer here.

23 May 2017

If you have an irrigation system you already know the importance of protecting your investment.  But there is more to just turning the sprinkler system on when it gets hot or when you put new plants or seed down. Proper watering times are key to keeping your plants happy and lawn looking lush.  A few minutes per cycle is typically just enough water  to wet just the very top layer of soil.   By watering deep, the root system of the turf will grow deep and be able to absorb that water. Just keep the deeper soil levels moist, and that takes longer irrigation times.

Image result for sprinkler system

Water 3 times a week, but not everyday.  It’s not needed more than that unless seed or new sod was put down.  In that case, watering two times a day for 2 weeks is needed for the sod to take.  Do not set your sprinkler to come on or irrigate in the evenings, as this keeps the turf damp all night and could lead to turf disease. And don’t water in the middle of the afternoon, as with the heat and sun, some of it will simply evaporate and be lost. Have your sprinkler system programmed to come on early in the morning, so more of the water can soak into the soil, and as the sun comes up it will dry out the grass.

The key to efficient irrigation is to adjust watering schedules frequently during the season. If you set your automatic controller once and let it run all season, you’re wasting a lot of water that could be damaging your plants and your pocketbook.  Most modern controllers allow you to easily set your base schedule and then adjust your weekly watering schedule based on the weather.

Image result for sprinkler system watering schedules

While this all may seem complicated, there are ways to simplify it.  Having a knowledgeable sprinkler system company can help.  A trained staff with years of training can routinely come and make sure that plants are getting watered for their specific needs .  There is also the technology advancements reaching the irrigation industry.  New cloud based, WIFI controllers can tap right into local weather stations and water according to your local weather reports.  Reports are kept to see when the system last watered, for how long, and even spot potential issues.

11 May 2017

It can be overwhelming to decide what to do to create a more inviting outdoor space.  There is an incredible amount home improvement contractors out there ready to help.  And yes, we are one of them.  Let us help you design exactly what you need.  Even if you are looking to update an existing patio or install one brand new, our design team can help.

Outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes can be fitted to what you need.  From creating an extravagant party space to just a quaint, relaxing nook to sit back and enjoy at the end of a long day.  Hardscapes add a great aesthetic.  They are a perfect project to create a retaining garden or wall, steps to help bring you to different levels on a multi leveled back yard, or even an area to sit around the custom built fire pit.

And there are many things to consider when doing a hardscape. While it’s important to have a level patio, you need to make sure it does slope away from your home’s foundation and toward an area that can either handle additional moisture or is an existing drainage area. Plan for a quarter inch drop in elevation for every two feet of distance.

Help minimize the effect of movement of your pavers.  Plan for a good solid edge by using additional pavers, a solid cement lip, or metal or vinyl edging. This will help creeping weeds as well as keeping the pavers in their place.


And you never know when your paver style is discontinued.  It’s smart to make sure that are left with some extra in case you need replacements for any reason. Broken pavers can be removed by prying them out with a couple of screwdrivers or a thin pry bar. If the paver needs to be cut to fit, be sure to cut it slightly smaller than the length of the opening to allow for sand to be repacked around it.  A proper cut is key especially when trying to achieve a certain design with the pavers.


Find more paver and hardscape tips and ideas here.


09 May 2017

I’m sure so many of you have tiki torches outside.  And if you don’t, I am sure you are thinking of putting them out or may buy them this season.  They not only are a great aesthetic to your back yard, but also add light and help repel mosquitoes.

Image result for kichler tiki torches

It’s been all over the news and papers that bug season is going to be bad this year.  Mainly due to a warm February and all the rain we have had.  Our back yards are turned into prime breeding ground for these annoying bug.  Which is why so many of us constantly spray our yards, stock up on foggers, drench ourselves in repellent, and will try any new product that says it will repel mosquitoes. But what if I told you there were other ways to help rid your space of these bugs.  For more on the possible mosquito invasion, click here for an article recently published.

Image result for low voltage tiki torches

Well here it is!

Garden State Irrigation offers tiki torches WITH low voltage lighting.  What this means is that you are not only helping to rid your back yard of mosquitoes but it also adds great light to your space. Giving you the ability to spend more time outside this season.  We only use quality, made to last products that are made to withstand the outdoor elements.  These tiki torches are made to retain their look and work for years to come.

You can also add mosquito repellent to your sprinkler system.  This way, each time your system is set to water, a mosquito spray is evenly applied.  This eliminates the need to call a company and have the property sprayed.  It’s basically a hands off way to keep your family safe from these pests all season long.  All you need is the tank installed and the repellent to fill it with.

Image result for sprinkler system mosquito control

Imagine being able to enjoy your backyard this season without the worry of getting bit all night long.  And with the tiki torches, you also allow yourself to extend the time you spend outside.  Fire pits become even more fun when you aren’t swatting bugs away very minute.

03 May 2017

Sprinkler systems are a key way to go green and cut costs while being eco friendly.  And with the latest technology, you can become even more green by tracking the water used.

With drip irrigation, you are getting water to plants that are in tough spots that normal irrigation heads cannot reach, such as planter boxes and window boxes.  Drip irrigation using plastic tubing to bring water to these areas.

Image result for drip irrigation

Micro-irrigation is basically a black delivery tube with smaller spray nozzles that you can place wherever you need to irrigate a specific plant or group of bedding plants.  When a nozzle gets clogged, you can see it is no longer delivering water where you need it.

Drip irrigation lines often come with pre-installed emitters, spaced from 12 – 36 inches along the poly tube. All emitters act as regulators to control the quantity and rate of water coming out. Although emitters available on today’s market have many common characteristics, they will differ in size and shape. Output rates for emitters range from ½ to 2 gallons per hour, and those with different output rates can even be installed on a single run of tubing. This allows you to compensate for plants with diverse watering needs located in close proximity. There are also emitters available that offer flow rate options – adjustable from a steady drip to a slow stream of water.  Which is what makes drip irrigation so important to a properly installed and designed irrigation system.  Different plants, trees, and shrubs all need different watering times.

Image result for irrigation in pots

Emitters deliver the right amount of water directly to the roots of the plants. However, it is still necessary to choose the correct emitter to fit your needs. While emitter hoses and miniature sprinkler head systems are more suited for closely spaced plants, drip emitters are best in situations where plants are more widely spaces, or even in separate containers.


Visit this link for more on drip irrigation systems.


02 May 2017

Mother’s Day is May 14th- and if you are like most people, it will be here before you know it.  Malls will be packed, lines will be out the door, and many things may go up in price just due to demand.

So why not spare yourself the craziness of retail and give Mom something shes can enjoy for a while.  Moms have some of the toughest jobs out there.  Always wearing more than one hat and taking care of everyone before themselves.  The hours are long and the pay, well, the pay is pretty much non-existent.

Image result for stressed out mom

How do you think she would like being able to come home after the last load of laundry is done and lunch is packed for the next day, go outside, and relax on her patio with a glass of wine underneath bistro lighting?  Maybe she would like a fire pit to make memories with the family.  Or how about a water feature with the calming and soothing sounds of a cascading water?

Image result for fire pit

Maybe she’s been wanting to redo a paver patio or cracked driveway.  Think outside the typical Mother’s Day box this year for Mom.  Give her her own sanctuary to read a book, a place to kick off her shoes and let her hair down… Even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Image result for happy mother's day

She deserves it!  Give us a call today and treat Mom to something truly special this year!

02 May 2017

May has reached us and here’s a little fact – It’s National Photo month.  We’ve seen social media flooded with people’s favorite photos. And why not?!  I love seeing what everyone is up to, new things to try out, recipes to make.   And even in our business photos are important.  It’s our way of showing before and afters, the latest products, and even what issues can look like such as leaks and broken heads.

Image result for broken rotor head

This month we are going to try and showcase even more of our work.  We offer so much more than just sprinkler systems.  And there’s no better way to let everyone know what we can do better than showing you.  You will see more of your landscape lighting work, outdoor speaker systems, paver jobs, water features and ponds.

27 Apr 2017

It’s becoming more and more common for people to want to create an outdoor living space.  Backyards are more than just a spot to let out the dog.  Outdoor spaces are becoming a place to extend your indoor living space.  If you are looking to create a beautiful, outdoor retreat, you might want to consider a water feature.

Patio Pond

Water features are a functional and eye-pleasing consisting of several different elements working harmoniously together.  Adding water to your landscape is a great way to add a unique aesthetic. Including a water feature in your landscaping provides some unexpected benefits.

You work long hours, and it’s not often possible to get away from it all and enjoy nature’s soothing sounds. Bring nature to you! With a custom design for your and your backyard, the soothing sounds of nature can be just outside your doorstep.   Imagine coming home, maybe getting the kids put in bed, pouring a glass of wine, and heading to your patio or deck to sit and relax to the comforting sounds of trickling water.

An interesting benefit of a water feature is enhancing your local ecosystem.  Birds will come to visit,  dragonflies will be buzzing around, all helping increase nature in your very own back yard.  Water features can be fit into any back yard.  Small back yards or large, there is a size for your space.

Image result for benefits of a water feature

Simple wall fountains, huge cascading waterfalls, and other pond-less water features are great choices if you don’t want to deal with much maintenance.  Essentially the water re-circulates, meaning less water used and little bacteria.

If you are interested in water features and the benefits they will bring to your life, click here for a great article.

24 Apr 2017

Reminiscent of the outdoor cafes you see in movies, bistro lights are the latest thing for outdoor lighting.  Perfect for any back yard.  Bistro lights can help make your parties last longer.  So many people are treating their outdoor spaces as an extension of the indoor.  With low voltage outdoor lighting, you can create a warm space outdoors.  Great for a little patio area, a quiet spot in a corner of the yard you want to make into a gathering area, and even for decks.

Image result for bistro lighting for patio

String lights are not just for the holidays any more.  Bistro lights come in different shapes – from a vintage look to a more known round bulb, like what you wold see at an outdoor cafe.  Using the lights you can create a space to use more.  Extend that party longer by having the relaxing light illuminating your space.  Maybe you are hosting a graduation or even a wedding, bistro lights have become quite popular for even larger scale vents.

You can create exactly the space you are looking for with bistro lights.  By stringing them differently you can get many different effects.  Patio Lights Patterns

All you need to do is spend 5 minutes on Pinterest to see the many ideas for bistro lighting.  Check out this site for more ideas.

20 Apr 2017

You will find LED bulbs and lighting systems popping up everywhere nowadays.  From making the switch of your interior bulbs to the exterior, there are many ways to save with using LED bulbs.

Starting with the cost, halogen are the cheaper way to go.  LED is a more costly upgrade.  BUT, halogen bulbs go out much quicker.  Typically, an outdoor halogen bulb system will need to be replaced every 8-16 months.  Over time, you are paying more to maintain your LED system.  Once one halogen bulb goes out, it puts more pressure on the other bulbs causing them to go out prematurely.

Swapping them out is easy!  LED bulbs can retrofit into the existing system you already have.  And here is an interesting fact, changing out ONE old 35 watt halogen bulb with a 3 watt LED bulb will put out the same light and color.  Less watts used means less energy needed which equals SAVINGS!!!  These savings are why so many homeowners and contractors are making the switch to LED.

Image result for landscape lighting

Halogen lights are also more dangerous.  The heat that the halogen bulb gives off can cause too much heat to be given off.  So imagine if you are having mulch put down and your landscapers are not paying attention.  Covering a halogen light can cause it to catch fire.  LED bulbs run more safely and cooler.  LED bulbs are even cool to the touch.

LED lamps are also easier on the transformer.  Back in the day, before LED, transformers were loaded up to 80%, leaving no room left for upgrades.  Now, with LED, that is not the case.  LED lighting systems require less wire (more SAVINGS!) and leaves room to add more in the future.

Image result for landscape lighting

Our team can custom design, build, install, and maintain these systems.  We will design the system to suit your home and needs.

To read more on the benefits on LED versus halogen lighting, visit this site to learn more.

18 Apr 2017

Now that Spring is in full swing I’d bet you are seeing plants and flowers sprouting up every single day.  And if you have a garden, you know how long it can take to get it watered.  Having drip irrigation installed at your home can be a game changer for you  and your landscape.  Plants need water at their roots to reach their full growth potential.  And to hand water takes time and energy that you may not have on a daily basis to give your plants what they need.  Not to mention hand watering can be inefficient and not very cost effective.  With a drip system you can water exactly how much your plants need as well as making sure the water gets to the roots.  We have seen great results in the incredible gardens that some of our customers have.  No one wants to spend their mornings or nights watering.  Here’s a great article on the benefits and reasons why you need drip irrigation for your garden.

11 Apr 2017

Spring brings us many great things: warmer temps, longer days, flowers… What all these things have in common?  They are all a part of the wonderful outdoors.  And April specifically brings us Earth Day.  A day we can enjoy and help learn new ways to preserve this amazing planet.  Our entire business is based on the earth.  Many look at sprinkler systems as wasteful and costly.  But that couldn’t be further than the truth.  By having a quality irrigation system installed and maintained, you can SAVE money and go green at the same time.

How to Winterize Your Sprinkler System:

For instance, the type of heads you use are best in certain areas and with certain foliage.  Professionals know the right type of head for each area, saving water which equals money savings.  While hand watering means you are literally watching as it waters, it is still wasteful.  Sprinkler systems are designed specifically for your landscape and weather conditions.  By having your landscape monitored throughout the season you make sure that the watering times are adjusted for the season ass well as adjusted due to growth or possible changes in the landscape.

You can also have the possibility of a rain sensor to know when to shut off your system after a certain amount of rainfall accumulates.  Invest in a smart controller which allows intricate details regarding your sprinkler system.  We can see zone by zone if there is an issue, the last time it watered, how much water it used by having a Flow Sensor installed with it.  Real time alerts are sent to us to know of potential issues such a stuck valves, broken pipes, or an electrical issue.


We spend time to learn all ways of saving money and keeping up with all technology advancements in the industry.  Keeping our clients happy and helping them is our goal.  The only way to do that is making sure that we provide our customers with the absolute best service.  Call us, we are more than happy to tell you all about the ways we can help you save money. From installation of new systems to helping you to maintain your existing system.

Read more on the ways to save money with a sprinkler system here.

10 Apr 2017

It’s finally been feeling more like spring lately.  The sun has been shining and the phones have been ringing with customers scrambling to get their water turned on!  It’s our favorite time of year and we are completely prepared for it.  Our winter was spent on training and attending seminars on all the new trends and products being offered.  One that we cannot stress enough is the Hunter HC Hydrawise.  The reasons are endless as to why this smart controller is not only a must for all tech lovers out there but anyone who is ready to protect their investment.

Despite all the snow and rain we saw in March we are still in a drought in Northern NJ.  While the soil may be wet and sot now, water usage will be monitored very closely this year as well.  And your lawn and plants will need water, the ground won’t stay wet forever!  But anyone who’s even somewhat eco conscious will not want to use their water wastefully.  There is still hope and plenty of options out there to help manage your water AND being green.


Image result for hydrawise

It starts with smart landscaping. You can look for hearty plants that require little to no water.  It also pays to get to know what is being planted.  Knowledge really is power.  We can help to make sure that your sprinkler system is running when it needs to be.  We know that different trees, plants, and foliage require different watering schedules.  The smart controllers that we have now also take the guesswork out of watering.  They have the power to connect to local weather stations and change their schedules based on the forecast.  So long periods of rain mean your system will know to shut off – Saving you money on your water bill and a call out to us to adjust your timer.

Image result for hydrawise


Take it one step further with the Flow Sensor which monitors the water usage in real time.  See if there is a possible leak, or break, or stuck valve before it could become a costly problem.  And we are alerted to all these issues and can either remotely fix the issue or know that a technician needs to be sent out.

Image result for hydrawise

If this smart controller has you interested, take a look at this link for more information.

04 Apr 2017

Who doesn’t like to save money?   I know I do.  If there is a way to save a buck, I’m all ears.  And we know that is also an important thing for our customers.  Which is why we are loving the new smart controllers on the market.  If you are looking for some savings this spring you will find it with the new smart controllers.  The Hunter HC Hydrawise is incredible.  With the new Flow sensor, we can now see in real time the water usage not only for the property but even in specific zones.  This not only saves money on your water bill, but also acts as a preventative measure enabling us to spot a potential costly problem such as a leak.  Proper water usage is also another way to be saving money.  By being able to better manage the water usage in specific zones and for specific plants, it will ensure that the plants are watered correctly.  Which means we are even better at protecting the investment in your landscape.  On a maintenance plan??? We can offer you an even better price with this smart controller for your irrigation.  Just check out this link to see for yourself why are excited to bring this product to our customers.

02 Apr 2017

Outdoor speakers are nothing new.  Every speaker place sells their speakers and tells you how great they are.  At Garden State Irrigation we have spent months finding the best speakers out there and investing the time to try them out.  We have perfected bringing your favorite tunes to the outdoors seamlessly and beautifully.  Using TruAudio speakers, they are meant to blend in with the outdoors and not stand out.  By using your smartphone or mobile device, you can stream the music from the palm of your hands.  No need to get up and down tot change the music or adjust the volume.  These outdoor speakers give you the time to enjoy your next party or BBQ without messing around with speakers and music all night. With the Spring here and Summer around the corner, it’s a great time to invest in these TruAudio outdoor speakers.  These aren’t your ordinary speakers either.  We are talking sturdy, weatherproof, and meticulously made speakers that provide a full sound meant to be heard not overwhelm.  We’ve done the research and tried them ourselves which is why we are ready to bring them to all our customers.   Our technicians have been trained and will provide our extraordinary service and installation with these speakers.  By a one on one estimate, we will give you an estimate for the custom speaker package that is best suited for your home and landscape.  By walking around your property and talking to you directly allow us to better assess what you would need.  Our service doesn’t stop there, we are here to assist you throughout the process to answer any and all of your questions. And if you are not sure if you are ready to make the full commitment with these outdoor speakers and may be the slightest bit curious, give us a call to hear about trying them out for yourself! Check out this informative video from TruAudio.

Image result for outdoor speakers in landscape

15 Mar 2017

We have been anxiously awaiting the new smart controller from Hunter Industries.  This smart controller can be retrofit into your existing system with ease.  No matter the size of your system, this is great way to keep constant eyes on your property.  Even if you are on a maintenance plan with us, the constant monitoring of your sprinkler system ensures that your investment is protected. From unexpected storms to summer water restrictions, save time and money by just giving us a call and remotely adjusting your system accordingly.  Another concern of many people, whether contemplating an irrigation system or if you already have one, is the water usage. With the Flow Sensor your water is gauged per zone with real time water usage.  It also alerts us to leaks potentially preventing a larger problem.  The HC also allows us remote access during your visits.  Unless there is a need for us to access the plumbing, by using the HC controller, we no longer need access inside your home during service visits.  Using the app, we can make watering changes, turn on and off specific zones, and check for leaking valves or current water usage. This smart controller is a game changer in the industry.  Hunter Industries is bringing the latest in smart technology to the world of irrigation.  We have spent the winter months training, installing, and making sure that we are up to date on the use and management of this controller.  We know what an investment landscape and irrigation is to your home.  Which is exactly what the Hunter HC controller can protect.  Using it’s smart technology, it logs into local weather stations for the latest forecasts and adjusts watering times. And if there is a power outage or any other electrical issue, the HC will send an alert.  It can even let us know the location of the valve that is having an issue.  Check out more about this incredible new smart controller from this Hunter Industries article:

View product here